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Dr. Enga Kameni: Africa Needs to Come Together if it Wants Better Trade Deals with China

Dr. Enga Kameni, Manager of Legal Services of the African ExportImport Bank (Afreximbank) delivered an interesting presentation at Boston University's Global Development Policy Center last week where he spoke about the importance of the broader China-Africa relationship and explained why it's important that African states restructure their economic ...

Report: EU Should Follow Example Set by China’s Development Path in Africa

A new report reportedly calls for an urgent overhaul of the EU aid strategy in Africa or else risk it's "global standing." In a bit of an odd twist, the authors of the report, or the so-called group of "wise persons" (yes, that's what they're called, no ...

While the U.S. and Japan Talk About Private Sector Engagement in Africa, Chinese Companies are Already Doing Multibillion-Dollar IPOs Based on African-based Businesses

Boston Consulting Group senior partner Grant Freeland issued a plea to American businesses to take Africa more seriously and to get in the game or risk "ceding the market to China." He didn't shy away about the reality that U.S. business leaders are way behind ...

The US/EU/JPN All Seem to Want to Challenge China’s Development Push in Africa… But They’ll Never Admit It

The U.S., Europeans and Japanese have all convened Africa-focused development summits in 2019 and one theme has emerged from all of them: everyone is keen to catch up or somehow rival China's dominance of the African infrastructure and development space.  ...

Finding God on the Belt and Road. Kenyan Missionaries are Converting Chinese Migrant Workers.

Christian missionaries in Kenya are finding a new source of converts among the immigrant Chinese population that came to the country to build infrastructure. Kenyan evangelists, some of whom speak fluent Mandarin, are discovering even though their religion and cultural backgrounds ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Our Haunted Moment

Today we’re featuring a fascinating conversation with the Congolese analyst Christian-Geraud Neema Byamungu about recent developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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