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Howard W. French: “America’s Downsized Relationship With Africa Is About to Go Totally Adrift”

Just a few days before Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi embarks on his latest visit to Africa, author and journalist Howard W. French complained that the United States appears to be going in the opposite direction -- increasingly disengaged from Africa with a policy that is "about ...

How the Chinese-Financed Standard Gauge Railways in East Africa Marks a New Era of Government-led Infrastructure Development

The founding Dean of Strathmore Law School in Nairobi and a visiting scholar at Oxford University, Luis Franceschi, wrote a pair of compelling columns last month in the Daily Nation newspaper that serve as a kind of master class on the enormous legal and economic implications associated ...

“All the Numbers Point to an Unfolding Debt Nightmare” in Kenya

The prominent Kenyan columnist and economic advisor to Saudi Arabia's Monetary Authority, Mohamed Wehliye, published a stark warning to the government in Nairobi that the country's debt is on the verge of spiraling out of control and urgent measures are needed to rein in spending.

The Washington Post’s China-Djibouti Story Caught the Attention of U.S. Right-Wing Commentators

Coverage of China-Africa issues is scarce in major U.S. newspapers like The Washington Post, so it was notable last week when WAPO's Nairobi Bureau Chief Max Bearak published a report on how Beijing's engagement in the tiny Horn of Africa country Djibouti highlights China's larger ambitions ...