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Wang Yi Works the Phones With African Foreign Ministers

In another sign that Beijing is paying more attention to COVID-19 in Africa, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi appears to be increasing the frequency of his outreach to his African counterparts. This week alone he held two phone conferences with ministers from Angola and Ethiopia. 

This Chart Shows What African Union and UN Negotiators Are Desperately Trying to Avoid

Interest rates on Zambian 10-year bonds have more than doubled since January to an astonishing 38%. So, it's not surprising there's growing speculation that Lusaka will have no choice but to default on its $3 billion of bond holdings. ...

Al Jazeera: African Countries Turn to China for Debt Relief

Al Jazeera correspondent Mohammed Adow reports from Nairobi on how rapidly deteriorating economic conditions in East Africa due to the worsening COVID-19 outbreak is prompting more governments in the region to look to China for help... at least in terms of repaying their debts.

Paris Club Chief Says She’s Confident China Will Join International Debt Relief Effort for Developing Countries

The Chair of the Paris Club of wealthy donor states, Odile Renaud-Basso, is increasingly confident that China will join the broader international effort to provide debt relief to countries facing high levels of economic distress. In Africa, China has an ...

African COVID-19 Aid Re-Emerges as a Top Chinese Foreign Policy Priority

China's once again ramping up its COVID-19 donation diplomacy efforts in Africa. After dialing down their efforts for a couple of weeks, the pace of announcements of new medical team deployments, PPE donations and charitable contributions from Chinese private sector stakeholders have all gone up considerably this ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Cobalt Clarifies Everything

We’re at one of those moments when everyone suddenly remembers that Africa exists. Right through the pandemic, the debt crisis, and climate talks, the continent and its needs were seemingly invisible.

But nothing sharpens the eye like an upcoming FOCAC summit. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s African visit was marked by determination to avoid the Trump administration’s almost Freudian compulsion to blurt out ‘China!’ when talking about African issues. Instead, Blinken ...