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Professor Carlos Oya: How Can Chinese Companies Create More and Better Jobs for Africans?

University of London Professor Carlos Oya is among the world's leading scholars on Chinese labor practices in Africa. Last July, he published a ground-breaking report that challenged widely-held perceptions about the quantity of Chinese imported labor in Ethiopia and Angola (90% of workers on Chinese ...

CGTN Creates New Facebook Page to Promote Ongoing Chinese COVID-19 Medical Mission to Algeria

China's international television network CGTN is experimenting with new ways to promote China's COVID-19 medical deployment in Africa. The mission that's now underway in Algeria, with 20 medical professionals who will be there for two weeks, is being covered at every stage of the ...

In Xi-Ramaphosa Call the Chinese President Gently Reminds His South African Counterpart About Taiwan and Beijing’s “Core Interests”

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by phone on Friday with his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa. The bulk of the discussion, according to a summary published by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was what one would expect:

There’s an Interesting Debate Underway Among Scholars Over Whether China is Hiding Its Overseas Lending

A discussion over the extent of China's "hidden loans" in Africa and other developing regions has been bubbling all spring in Washington's think tank and scholarly circles. It all started back in late March when the Wall Street Journal published an article featuring 

Kenya’s Dilemma: If It Wants G20 Relief Then It Can’t Issue More Bonds or Take out More Loans. So How Does It Close a Gaping Budget Deficit?

Kenya, and likely many other African countries, is in a bit of a pinch right now: it desperately needs to raise money to close an estimated $7.7 billion budget deficit. But if the Treasury wants to remain qualified for G20 debt relief then it can't go out ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China’s Climate Role in the Global South

I don’t know about you, but I’m suffering from COP26 stress. There’s so much riding on the global climate summit happening in Glasgow at the end of the month that it’s sometimes difficult to remember we face a few other pressing issues too. 

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Chinese NGOs in Africa are New and Making Some Mistakes but They’re Learning Fast

“Chinese embassy staffs in local countries said we are a non-governmental organization and won’t help us with anything, while many local NGOs and journalists see us as some kind of ‘Chinese government propaganda’ and they’re very rude towards us. It’s so difficult,” said Ms. Zhang, a 50-year-old ...

Time is Running Out For African Debt Relief

It must be weird for African finance ministry officials to watch how large governments around the world have moved with unprecedented speed to pass trillions and trillions of dollars in emergency relief aid to bolster their own economies. Even the completely dysfunctional U.S. Congress that passes fewer ...

How China’s Technology Startups Are Scaling Across Africa

Computer Village in Lagos, Nigeria is a curious combination of old and new. Dirt roads are lined by hundreds of kiosks featuring the latest mobile phones and computers. Hawkers and criers call out deals at the entrance to both bric-a-brac sheet ...