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Why Oh Why Did the Daily Nation Newspaper Report That a Plane Full of Chinese Evacuees Took Off From Nairobi When It Didn’t?

For some totally inexplicable reason the normally reliable Daily Nation newspaper in Kenya is sticking with the story that hundreds of Chinese nationals have been evacuated from Nairobi even when no such evacuation ever took place, there were no flights to China this week and repeated denials ...

The Chinese Approach to Debt Relief is Very Different Than That of Legacy Donors. A New Report Explains Why.

A trio of researchers at the China-Africa Research Initiative at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C. has published a new working paper that provides some badly-need context about yesterday's announcement by Chinese President Xi Jinping to cancel a small segment of Beijing's loan ...

“Nothing New Here” Concludes Leading China Scholar About Xi Jinping’s African Debt Cancellation Offer

Mariana Rudyak, a prominent China scholar at the University of Heidelberg in Germany who specializes in Chinese foreign aid, provided a short assessment of President Xi Jinping's announcement that Beijing would cancel interest-free loans due before the end of the year.

Xi Jinping Bolsters China’s COVID-19 Diplomacy in Africa With Virtual Leaders Summit

Xi Jinping delivered the keynote address at a hastily arranged virtual African leaders summit on Wednesday where the Chinese president reaffirmed Beijing's commitment to provide financial and material support to combat the pandemic. There was very little new information contained in ...