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It’s Time We Have an Honest Discussion About African Debt Relief

There's a huge disconnect between the debt relief discussion currently taking place on many webinars hosted by academics and analysts, and the reality of what's actually happening. We're now five months into this crisis and one thing is clear: bondholders, pension ...

New Chinese “Super Trawlers” Threaten to Devastate Liberia’s Fishing Grounds Warns Conservation Group

The presence of six newly-built Chinese "super trawlers" in Liberia is prompting widespread outrage and worry that these massive vessels will decimate local fish stocks, according to a new report by the London-based Environmental Justice Foundation. The Chinese ...

Investigate Report by a Nigerian News Site Prompts Federal Government to Investigate a Chinese Mining Company

Federal officials from the Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission paid a surprise visit this week to the Chinese-owned Hongao Mining Company's site in the Federal Capital Territory near Abuja to investigate reports that the company is polluting local water supplies.

LSE: Debt Relief and Africa During COVID-19

The Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa at the London School of Economics recently convened a discussion on the public policy implications surrounding COVID-19 and debt relief in Africa. Dr. Shirley Yu from LSE and the Harvard Kennedy School provided a robust articulation of the Chinese position on ...

What do Recipient Countries in Africa and Other Regions Think of China’s Foreign Aid?

China's foreign aid programs are still relatively new and poorly understood. Until the launch of China's new aid agency in 2018, aid initiatives, most of which went to Africa, were handled by the secretive Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). Now, two years ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China’s Climate Role in the Global South

I don’t know about you, but I’m suffering from COP26 stress. There’s so much riding on the global climate summit happening in Glasgow at the end of the month that it’s sometimes difficult to remember we face a few other pressing issues too. 

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Marina Rudyak on Chinese aid and South-South Cooperation

Marina Rudyak, a lecturer at the Institute of Chinese Studies at Heidelberg University in Germany and a well-regarded expert on China's foreign aid programs in Africa, was a recent guest on the "In Pursuit of Development Podcast" hosted by Dani Banik. ...