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Reuters: Bondholders to Reject Zambia’s Request for Debt Repayment Delay

A source close to the Zambia External Bondholder Committee, a coalition that holds the bulk of Zambia's $3 billion of Eurobonds, told Reuters that investors plan to vote against the government's request for a six-month repayment delay when the group convenes on November 13th.

Africa in the New Era of Great Power Competition Among Europe, China, and the United States

Regardless of who comes out ahead in Tuesday's presidential election in the United States, the trajectory of U.S. foreign policy on the continent will likely not change dramatically and continue to focus on confronting rising Chinese and Russian influence in the region.

Two Totally Different Reactions From the U.S. and China About Tanzania’s Recent Elections

The United States and China have issued starkly different assessments of last week's presidential elections in Tanzania. Incumbent John Magufuli declared victory with 84% of the vote, with some international observers reporting instances of fraud and voter intimidation.

China Takes Its Messaging on Xinjiang to Nigeria, the World’s 5th Largest Muslim Country

China appears to be increasingly confident about promoting its position on Xinjiang in countries that have large Muslim populations, like Nigeria. The Chinese embassy in Abuja on Tuesday posted criticism of U.S. and European accusations that Beijing is persecuting its Uyghur minority population.