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Chinese Development Finance is Changing. We Just Don’t Know Exactly How.

A lively discussion broke out over the weekend about Boston University's new Chinese overseas development finance database and whether the dramatic plunge in lending that purportedly took place last year is accurate. Some scholars are suggesting that BU's data 

Researchers Challenge Boston University’s “Porous Dataset” That Purportedly Showed a Plunge in Chinese Overseas Lending

A pair of researchers from Central Asia are questioning the findings of a new dataset produced by Boston University's Global Development Policy Center (GDPC) which purportedly shows a sharp drop in Chinese overseas lending. Among the key ...

Report: China Lacks Comprehensive Debt Relief Strategy

A new report by the International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF) at the Central University of Economics and Finance in Beijing appears to echo some of the same themes that emerged from Boston University's Overseas Chinese Lending Database, specifically related to an apparent sharp decline ...

Chinese Debt Relief in Africa Definitely Helps in the Short Term, But in the Long Term? Hard to Tell Says New Analysis

Although China's debt relief efforts are often downplayed by many of its critics in the U.S. and EU, the fact is that Beijing's done more to renegotiate and cancel loans to African countries during the current financial crisis than it has previously: 

Chinese Private Sector Engagement in Africa is Going to be Much More Important in 2021 And Beyond

Over the past several weeks, Chinese officials have convened a series of high profile forums with key African stakeholders in what appears to be an effort to lay the groundwork for next year's triennial Forum on China Africa Cooperation Summit (FOCAC) that is scheduled to take place ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

How a Port Expansion in a Tiny, Self-Declared African Country Reverberates Around the World

One of the key discussions in the run-up to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation summit is whether China is stepping away from funding large-scale infrastructure projects like roads and ports. 

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This Graphic Shows the Huge Diplomatic Opportunity For China If It Can Provide Africa With Sufficient Supplies of C19 Vaccines

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Africa is going to be the last region around the world to secure sufficient supplies of COVID-19 vaccines to innoculate a majority of its population, according to data from the Economist Intelligence Unit. John Nkengasong, ...