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Why One Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine, in Particular, is Poised to Have a Huge Impact in the Developing World

A new Chinese-made vaccine emerged from late-stage clinical trials this week, well-positioned to help overcome a number of the obstacles that have hampered large-scale distribution of COVID-19 jabs to the world's poorest countries, including many in Africa.

200,000 Chinese Vaccines Will Soon Arrive in Zimbabwe

A shipment of 200,000 Chinese-made Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines is scheduled to land in Zimbabwe next Monday and will be used to kickstart the government's national vaccination drive. Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa told reporters on Tuesday that another batch from China is also due next month, although she didn't ...

China’s Polling Ahead of Other Countries For Its COVID-19 Aid, But Beijing Still May Not Get the Soft Power Win It Desires

A new public opinion survey in Southeast Asia provides an indication that residents in some developing countries acknowledge China's considerable contributions in helping to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, while still feeling ambivalent about Beijing's motivations, according to the findings of a new poll conducted ...

Logistics Give China An Early Advantage in the Vaccine Distribution Competition in Africa

China is moving faster to distribute vaccines in Africa and the Middle East than competitors in Europe and Asia, thanks to its early start in building out a sophisticated logistics network with hubs in both Addis Ababa and Dubai, according to a spokesman for Ethiopian Airlines.

Leaders From Developing Countries Emerge as Central Actors in China’s Vaccine Propaganda Messaging

China is increasingly turning to leaders from developing countries to help challenge criticisms from the United States and Europe that its vaccines aren't safe or sufficiently effective. On Tuesday, CGTN showcased Peruvian President Facisco Sagasti holding up his vaccination certificate after receiving a Sinopharm jab ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Vaccine Crossroads

At present we’re in a moment of both hope and fear. The vaccines are finally rolling out, and with them, we’re seeing a glimmer of a post-COVID world. But is that only a mirage? The decisions that will decide that answer are being made now. A key one will be how to get a global rollout to happen faster. The longer it takes, and the more piecemeal it is, the more ...

If China’s Vaccine Rollout Is the New Normal, What Was the Old Normal?

It's true, if redundant, to point out that if 2020 was the year of COVID-19, 2021 is shaping up as year of the vaccine.  Like every aspect of the pandemic, the vaccine rollout acts like an x-ray, revealing the bones of ...