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The Reappearance of Blackface on China’s Most Popular New Year’s TV Program Sparks Angry Debate

The use of blackface for the second time in just three years to depict Africans on CCTV's Spring Festival Gala program broadcast last Thursday, provoked a heated debate on social media networks around the world over the weekend. The program is one of China's ...

With a Mix of Defiance and Defensiveness, CCTV Blackface Issue Emerges as a Contentious Issue on Weibo

Just as CCTV's use of blackface to depict Africans in the annual Spring Gala TV show sparked an immediate response by those outside of China, there's was a near-immediate reaction on Weibo, one of China's largest social media networks.  But the ...

Q&A: Black Livity China Creators Explain Why African Diaspora Communities Are Growing Weary of Chinese Racial Insensitivties

Last Thursday's blackface episode on CCTV's hugely popular Spring Gala TV show is just the latest incident of anti-Black racial insensitivity in China that's prompting mounting frustration within the African expatriate community in China and the diaspora population abroad. There's a ...