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Researchers Want Official Washington to Know That China’s Actually Doing Quite a Bit to Relieve the Debt Problem in Africa

While U.S. policymakers are trying to come up with a new, more effective approach to challenge China's engagement in Africa, a trio of scholars at the Washington, D.C.-based China-Africa Research Initiative at Johns Hopkins University want to make it clear that Beijing is actually doing far more ...

Brautigam: Influence and Investment, Not Asset Seizures Are the Primary Drivers of Chinese Lending in Africa

China-Africa Research Initiative Director Professor Deborah Brautigam spoke recently with acclaimed Harvard researcher William Overholt in what was a fascinating discussion about the complexities surrounding the Chinese debt issue in Africa. Professor Brautigam laid out some of the findings ...

New Railway in Nigeria to Push Up the Country’s Debts to China

Although Chinese loans account for just 11.28% of Nigeria's external debt stock, a senior advisor to President Buhari warned this weekend that figure is likely to go up if/when the China Exim Bank approves the $5.3 billion loan to build the Ibadan-Kano portion of a ...

U.S., European Claims That the BRI Is in Trouble Are Way Overblown, Says Prominent Chinese Scholar

The sharp drop in Chinese overseas development finance lending documented by Boston University's Center for Global Policy Development among others has prompted critics of Beijing's Belt and Initiative in the United States and Europe to suggest that the massive global trade agenda is in trouble. 

IMF Chief Sounds Optimistic About the Prospect of New SDRs But Sidesteps U.S.-China Tensions That Are in the Way

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva echoed the growing optimism in some parts of Washington about the possibility of issuing new so-called Special Drawing Rights -- effectively a cash injection by the IMF to all of its members which would provide some badly-needed liquidity for the world's poorest countries.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Reading the Smoke

As things slowly settle down in South Africa after the last ruinous week, the debates about who’s really to blame are catching fire. It’s now being called an insurrection attempt, and President Ramaphosa has referred to those responsible for fueling the protests as ‘enemies of democracy.’ One of the problems underlying the current crisis is that he’s both right and wrong. South Africa is indeed, as Ramaphosa called it, a ‘hard-fought-for democracy.’ ...

Washington’s Former Top Diplomat For Africa: “China’s Kicking Our Tails Everywhere”

Tibor Nagy, the top U.S. diplomat for Sub-Saharan Africa under ex-President Trump, re-surfaced for the first time since he left Washington in January. Nagy published a column in a local Texas newspaper calling on the current U.S. administration to do more to stop China's rising influence in ...

China is Absolutely Destroying the Competition in the Global Battle Over Vaccine Optics

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is the latest head of state to take part in what's become a very effective Chinese propaganda campaign by rolling up his sleeve for a high-profile injection of a Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccination. Last week,

RIP “Chinese Debt Trap Diplomacy” (2017-2021)

Four years after Indian academic Brahma Chellaney first introduced the concept of Chinese "debt-trap diplomacy," the now widely-debunked theory appears to be flaming out.   But it had quite a run. Chellaney's idea was that ...