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Wang Yi Gives Boost to Abiy With Official Visit to Ethiopia

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made a bold diplomatic statement with a previously unannounced visit to Ethiopia. The trip was seemingly intended to send a strong message of support to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and, at the same time, rebuke mounting Western pressure against Addis Ababa.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

FOCAC’s Powerful Optics Present a Challenge to China’s Rivals

FOCAC is for me what the Winter Olympics is for a curling fan – the one moment every few years when the world briefly shares one’s obsession. So it was interesting (and revealing) how relatively muted the coverage of the triennial meeting has been this time around.

In part, this is due to the fact that FOCAC 8 itself has been slightly smaller than usual. It was held at the ...

The Pandemic and Geopolitics Have Created New Opportunities For South African Wines in China

Whilst COVID-19 disrupted trade flows across the globe and pushed industries into financial trouble, the South African wine sector has, somewhat remarkably, been spared. This is largely due to wine exports to China soaring by 50% after Beijing enforced a 212% tariff on Australian wines ...

Disclose the Debt!

If you’re into curling up with a cup of coffee and an 85-page report on Chinese lending, you can’t go wrong with AidData’s How China Lends: A Rare Look into 100 Debt Contracts with Foreign Governments (PDF). One of the most striking findings in ...

China Wants to Be a Big Player in the Middle East

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's latest six-nation tour of the Middle East and Turkey revealed that Beijing now aims to play a much larger role in the region. During his trip, Wang signed a high-profile ...