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G7 Countries Are Going to Learn That Challenging China on Infrastructure is a Lot Easier Said Than Done

When I moved to Vietnam in 2012, Japan had just broken ground on the country's first subway system in the southern commercial hub of Saigon. Back then, there was a lot of excitement around ambitious plans to build half a dozen lines within a decade.

China Tops the Agenda at G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting

China topped the agenda at Tuesday's G7 foreign ministers meeting in London, the first time envoys from the world's seven wealthiest countries have met in person since the COVID-19 outbreak. The ministers spent two hours, four times longer ...

Lull Continues in Chinese Vaccine Deliveries Around the World Ahead of Key Rulings From the WHO and EU

Although Chinese vaccine distributors did make a few deliveries on Tuesday, the quantities remain significantly lower than in previous weeks. It's not entirely clear what's behind the slowdown but it's likely that it could be related to the impending verdict by the World Health Organization about granting ...

As Zambia’s Presidential Election Campaign Heats Up, China Isn’t an Issue…Yet

Zambia's presidential election campaign is now shifting into high gear following last weekend's nomination of President Edgar Lungu as the ruling Patriotic Front's candidate. Meantime, the country's main opposition leader, the United Party for National Development's Hakainde Hichilema (photo), indicated that he's ...

A New Chinese-Built Road in Nigeria Highlights Why Infrastructure is So Important For Local People and, More Importantly, Politicians

Both truckers and workers are celebrating the opening of a new, modern road that leads to the Ogun-Guangdong Free Trade zone in western Nigeria. The recently opened road has dramatically improved transport times for cargo and made it much easier for thousands of workers to get to ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

How a Port Expansion in a Tiny, Self-Declared African Country Reverberates Around the World

One of the key discussions in the run-up to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation summit is whether China is stepping away from funding large-scale infrastructure projects like roads and ports. 

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Why This Chinese Factory Video is Causing Quite a Stir on Social Media in West Africa

A Chinese factory video where a young woman demonstrates how to convert raw cassava into fully processed gari has created quite a bit of buzz in Nigeria and Ghana where gari is a popular indigenous food. Ghanaian entertainment and lifestyle social ...

China’s Global Vaccine Distribution Drive Appears to Have Come to a Halt… At Least For Now

China's once frenetic global vaccine distribution drive appears to have come to a grinding halt, at least temporarily, amid a push to gets jabs into the arms of its own people (photo). As of Sunday, China had inoculated 275 million people domestically.

Most G7 Countries Really Do Want to Challenge China’s BRI, They Just Can’t Agree How

It looks increasingly likely that infrastructure development in the Global South is going to be quite high on the agenda at the upcoming European Union and Group of 7 (G7) meetings in May and June. Specifically, U.S., European and Japanese leaders seem intent on elevating the ongoing ...

China’s Embrace of Iran is Making Israel Very Nervous

Israeli politicians and foreign policy analysts are becoming increasingly alarmed over China's burgeoning ties with Iran, particularly after the signing of a 25-year Comprehensive Strategic Partnership agreement between Beijing and Tehran. But Israel's in a tough bind -- on the one ...

If the U.S. is Going to Criticize China For Human Rights Violations in Xinjiang, Beijing’s South African Envoy is Going to do The Same Over American Police Brutality Against Black People

China's Ambassador to South Africa, Chen Xiaodong, is apparently keen to raise awareness about police brutality against Black people in the United ...