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ICBC Bails on Financing $3 Billion Sengwa Coal Power Plant in Zimbabwe

Environmental groups in Zimbabwe are celebrating the news that China's largest bank, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), has decided not to fund the controversial $3 billion Sengwa coal-fired power plant. This a milestone decision since ...

In a Contentious G20 Meeting, Foreign Ministers Exchange Jabs About Jabs

Most of the foreign and development ministers from the Group of 20 gathered in Matera, Italy on Tuesday for the organization's first in-person meeting since 2019. China and Russia, however, were among the few who were noticeably absent from the forum.  ...

Leading Development Experts Try to Decipher the B3W and Whether It Can Present a Viable Alternative to China’s BRI

There's been a lot of discussion since the Group of 7 countries announced the creation of the new Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative. It is nominally intended to help developing countries build badly-needed infrastructure. But B3W also includes an underlying political objective: presenting an alternative, some ...

If the U.S. is Going to Challenge China in the Infrastructure Space, It Will Have to First Overcome a Lot of Skepticism in the Global South

The Biden administration has made it clear that it wants to directly challenge China's dominance in the Global South in both infrastructure development and vaccine distribution. In addition to facing a formidable competitor who has a significant head start in both areas, the U.S. will also have ...

When It Comes To Mining, Africa and Australia Are the Primary Sources of Key Minerals and Metals for China

China may be trying to transition to a services-led high technology economy that doesn't rely as much on manufacturing but that shift will take years. In the meantime, Chinese factories still need to rely on vast amounts of minerals, metals, and other mining products to bolster their ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

How a Port Expansion in a Tiny, Self-Declared African Country Reverberates Around the World

One of the key discussions in the run-up to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation summit is whether China is stepping away from funding large-scale infrastructure projects like roads and ports. 

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CCP Awards Highest Honor to Veteran Diplomat Who Designed Chinese Policy in Africa

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  awarded its highest honor to veteran diplomat Liu Guijin for his four decades of diplomatic work in Africa. In his role as CCP General Secretary, Xi Jinping on Tuesday gave Liu the Order of July the First medal.

The Diplomat’s Shannon Tiezzi on China and the Global South

While China's ties with Europe, the U.S., Japan, and other wealthy northern countries steadily worsen, Beijing is leaning harder on its relations with states in the Global South. The importance of those ties was on full display over the past week ...