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African Textile Unions Call For Increased Government Protection Against Illegal Imports From China

Years of illegal textile imports and low-cost replicas from China have decimated Africa's once-thriving textile manufacturing sector and labor unions across the continent are calling on the government to do something about it. At a recent meeting of IndustriAll Global Union ...

China’s Once Obscure Auto Brands Are Building a Loyal Following in Critical African Markets

The Haval Jolion's jump to number two in South Africa's SUV market is the latest indication of the growing popularity of Chinese-made vehicles in Africa. Great Wall’s P Series pickup is also now a top-five brand in SA, Africa's largest automotive market.

African Iron Ore Producers Poised to Benefit From Supply Constraints Brought on By Disruptions in Australia and Brazil

Strong demand from Chinese steel mills, combined with supply disruptions in two of the world's largest iron ore producing countries, Brazil and Australia, will help to maintain near record-high ore prices, according to analyst forecasts. Chinese buyers may turn more to ...

Countries Throughout Asia & The Americas Struggle to Find Balance Between the U.S. and China

Countries throughout the Global South have said repeatedly that they do not want to be forced to choose sides in the increasingly acrimonious relationship between the United States and China. But in some cases, they no longer have a choice. That's ...

China’s Infrastructure Soft Power Diplomacy in Africa

China's approach to soft power diplomacy in Africa differs markedly from that of other major powers, namely the United States, France and the UK. While those countries rely heavily on cultural products like movies and music to promote their cultures, China uses glamor shots of beautiful new ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Reading the Smoke

As things slowly settle down in South Africa after the last ruinous week, the debates about who’s really to blame are catching fire. It’s now being called an insurrection attempt, and President Ramaphosa has referred to those responsible for fueling the protests as ‘enemies of democracy.’ One of the problems underlying the current crisis is that he’s both right and wrong. South Africa is indeed, as Ramaphosa called it, a ‘hard-fought-for democracy.’ ...