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Two Day U.S.-Africa Business Summit Kicks Off Today As Part of White House Push to Revitalize Trade With the Continent

After years of sitting on the Africa summit sidelines, the United States is getting back in the game with the start of a two-day online business forum that starts on Tuesday. The gathering is organized by the business lobby group Corporate Council on Africa. ...

The U.S. Has a Lot of Ground to Make Up If It Wants to Compete With China and Europe on Trade With Africa

While U.S. corporate and political elites meet virtually this week with African stakeholders to discuss revitalizing trade between the two regions, it's worth noting just how much work there is to be done, especially in relation to Africa's other major trading partners in China and Europe.

The Conservative Argument as to “Why Americans Should be Concerned About Communist China’s Influence in Africa”

The President of the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank in Washington, D.C. published a scathing column today in the right-wing newspaper Washington Times warning Americans about why they need to be concerned about China's growing influence in Africa. It's ...

Howard French Isn’t Very Impressed With the G-7’s Build Back Better World Initiative

Journalist and author Howard W. French is among the most thought-provoking U.S. scholars on Chinese engagement in Africa and Beijing's rapidly evolving global presence. French recently joined Brookings Institute Senior Fellow David R. Dollar on the Brookings Trade Podcast Dollar & Sense to discuss how ...

76% of All Chinese Vaccine Distributions in Africa Have Gone to Just Four Countries

Chinese vaccine distributions in Africa remain highly distorted, favoring a small group of mostly North African countries that account for 3/4 of all deliveries on the continent, according to the latest figures from Bridge Beijing's independent vaccine tracking report.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Our Haunted Moment

Today we’re featuring a fascinating conversation with the Congolese analyst Christian-Geraud Neema Byamungu about recent developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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China’s New Man in Djibouti

China's new ambassador to Djibouti Hu Bin presented his credentials to Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf on Monday. Hu is the second ...

TRANSLATION: My Kenyan Employee Who Just Disappeared

The following is a translation of an article published on the Bobu Africa (波布非洲 )WeChat page on July 20, 2021. The purpose of translations like this is to provide English language readers with a more informed understanding of the civil society discourse about China-Africa relations that is ...

African Food Bloggers Are Finding Large Audiences Live Streaming on Chinese Social Media

The following article is a summary of a longer version of this story by Shu Xiong (薯熊) that was published on the 公路商店's WeChat channel. The original, Chinese-language article is available here. From Rwanda to Guinea, from the Democratic Republic ...

Chinese Companies’ “Eat Bitter” Management Style Just Doesn’t Work in Africa

Forget debt traps, Huawei ‘back-doors' and vaccine diplomacy. They might be the disputes that define our current polarized moment. But I’m willing to bet they won’t have the staying power of the one – the original – dispute that has haunted Chinese engagement with Africa since the ...