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No Reprieve for Kenya’s Loan Bid as Chinese Banks Resist Move

Kenya is moving forward with repaying Chinese creditors after the Treasury failed to secure an extension of a 6-month debt repayment holiday that expired in June. The Treasury said on Monday that it will meet all of its Chinese debt obligations, particularly to the China Exim Bank ...

China Calls For Equitable Vaccine Distribution Even as Belt & Road Countries Are Benefitting More Than Others

China has repeatedly called for fair and equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines around the world but it appears that its own vaccine distributions favor Belt and Road member countries. 60% of China's total global vaccine distributions, or 350 million ...

China Claims It Doesn’t Play Politics With Vaccine Distributions, But What Happened in Paraguay This Weekend Says Otherwise

The China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, the company that manufactures the Sinpharm vaccine, informed Paraguayan Health Minister Julio Borba on Saturday without warning that it will cancel its contract to supply the South American country with 1 million jabs. The company ...

Five Countries in Africa Account for 80% of All Chinese Vaccine Deliveries

Chinese vaccine shipments to Africa increased by 4 million doses over the past week highlighted by a large delivery to Mozambique and the first delivery to Uganda, according to the latest figures from Bridge Consulting's latest Vaccine Tracker Report.

Why Chinese Coal Financing Along the BRI Will End With Whimper Not a Bang

There's been growing excitement among environmentalists around the world that China may finally be ready to abandon its once expansive overseas financing of coal power plants, particularly in Belt and Road member countries. Last week, the Green BRI Center published ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

How a Port Expansion in a Tiny, Self-Declared African Country Reverberates Around the World

One of the key discussions in the run-up to the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation summit is whether China is stepping away from funding large-scale infrastructure projects like roads and ports. 

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The West’s Ignorance About What China’s Doing in Africa is a Feature Not a Bug

Those of us who concentrate on Africa-China relations have long warned that the current framing of the relationship as a zero-sum arena in a new cold war strips African states of agency. The problem isn’t only that it flattens the complex ...