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Port Closures in China and Higher Yields in the U.S. Threaten to Batter Africa’s Fragile Economies

Many of Africa's already embattled economies are bracing for more pain as the rapidly spreading Delta variant provokes new disruptions to the global trading system and encourages bond investors to flee emerging markets for shelter in U.S. government debt. ...

With an Eye on His Legacy, Kenya’s President Pressures Chinese Contractors to Finish Road Projects Before He Leaves Office

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is turning up the pressure on Chinese construction companies building three major infrastructure projects on the east coast to make sure they finish on schedule before the president leaves office and prior to next year's election.

China’s 500 Borehole Project Tapped Its Final Well in Zimbabwe

It took almost ten years to drill 500 boreholes in a China Aid-funded project to deliver badly-needed water to communities throughout Zimbabwe. The project drilled its final borehole in the southern Gwanda Township on Saturday marking the end of ...

Karen Bass Doesn’t Like What China’s Doing in Africa But Says Americans Aren’t in Much of a Position to Criticize

Chinese engagement in Africa is an increasingly popular topic in Washington these days amid heightened expectations that the Biden administration is going to make the continent more of a U.S. foreign policy priority. On the legislative side, one of the key players pushing the White House to ...

China Slams Vaccine Competition With West and Then Turns Around to Tell Everyone How It’s Outdoing the West

When China largely had the global vaccine market to itself, Beijing often rejected the idea that there is a competition over the distribution of COVID-19 jabs to developing countries. But now that the U.S. is ramping up its vaccine deliveries around the world, that message ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China’s Climate Role in the Global South

I don’t know about you, but I’m suffering from COP26 stress. There’s so much riding on the global climate summit happening in Glasgow at the end of the month that it’s sometimes difficult to remember we face a few other pressing issues too. 

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Zambia’s New President Has a Unique Opportunity To Reset Ties With China

Hakainde Hichilema's decisive election victory to become the eighth president of Zambia in the post-colonial era is a gust of good news that Africa and the world at large badly needed. His win is an endorsement of democracy in a region where we've seen so many other ...

The Story of One Man’s Journey From Hunan Province to Driving Trucks in the Republic of Congo

Even though hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals now live in countries across Africa, very little is known about the personal stories of these individuals who've often taken significant risks to set up new lives far from home. From time to time, though, profiles of these migrants ...