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Clashes over COVID-19 Aid in Nigeria

During a conversation I recently had with the founder of a Nigerian rural healthcare nonprofit, I got a real taste of what COVID-19 looks on the ground for healthcare practitioners in the developing world. Nigeria has not yet faced the full force of COVID-19, with approx. 300 ...

The U.S. is Falling Behind in the Race for the COVID-19 Narrative

Few names are as closely associated with philanthropy as Bill Gates. As the second richest person alive, he has used his immense wealth to improve global health through his charitable organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Foundation gave over $4 billion in grants in 2017, ...

How COVID-19 Will Change Global Perceptions of the U.S.: Perspectives From an American Student

“At this point, we’re probably better off spending spring break in Wuhan.” As a college freshman who returned home for spring break on March 6th, I fully expected to return by the 16th. Within days, however, updates cascaded ...