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Ghanaian Wife of Deported Chinese Miner Pleads For High Court to Reconsider Its Verdict

The 27-year old wife (photo) of one of the four Chinese miners who was sentenced this week for illegal mining, immigration violations and weapons charges is pleading with the High Court in the southern Ghanaian city of Kumasi to reverse its decision to deport her husband.

Chinese Construction Company Took Unusually Swift Action Against Employee in Sierra Leone For Attacking Local Safety Inspectors

We now have the full details about that shocking video that circulated on social media on Wednesday, showing an employee of the China Railway Seventh Group (CRSG) attacking inspectors from the Sierra Leone Mining Association, who were conducting an unannounced inspection of the repair ...

Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama Defends Twitter Ban, Denies Knowledge of Talks With China to Build Firewall

Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama spoke out in defense of the government's decision last week to ban Twitter, claiming the move was intended to protect the country's sovereignty and national security. The Foreign Minister made the remarks during a press conference that followed closed-door ...

Report: Asian, African Countries Block Access to Social Media More Than Any Other Regions

Nigeria's decision to ban Twitter last week is just the latest example of how access to social media platforms in Africa is narrowing, according to a new report by the Virtual Private Network company Surf Shark. They report that 30 countries across the continent have ...

Transsion is Crushing the Competition in Africa’s Rebounding Mobile Phone Market

While African economies continue to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19-induced economic slowdown, consumer spending on mobile phones is on the rebound with Shenzhen-based device giant Transsion leading the way, according to the latest figures published by the global technology consultancy IDC.

TECNO’s New AI-Powered Camera Software Artificially Lightens Black Skin Tones

A fascinating discussion is underway within China's art community about whether new AI-powered software used in TECNO mobile phones is contributing to a form of colorism in Africa, by favoring lighter skin tones over darker complexions. Taipei/Berlin-based filmmaker and visual artist ...

Disturbing Video Shows Fight Breaking Out Between Chinese Manager and Local Construction Staff in Sierra Leone

Editor's Note: This video appeared on the Sierra Eye Twitter channel today and is beginning to circulate widely. It's important to note that the authenticity of the video is still unknown. There is no indication of when it was shot, who uploaded it or where ...

White House Issues Report On How to Disentangle Critical Materials Supply Chains From China, Just as Apple is Reportedly in Talks With Chinese Battery Makers

Securing reliable supplies of cobalt and other strategic materials from places like the Democratic Republic of the Congo featured prominently in a new White House report that aims to counter China's dominance in this area. The timing of the report, however, comes just as Apple is reported ...

Trailer Drops For New Chinese TV Drama About the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

The trailer for a big-budget TV Chinese drama series set in a fictitious West African country during the 2014 Ebola outbreak is getting a bit of buzz on Chinese social media channels. Ebola Fighters purportedly showcases the efforts of Chinese PLA ...

The Rapidly Changing Vaccine Distribution Dynamics: Asia to Get Millions of Jabs While Supplies in Africa Run Low

The politics of global vaccine distribution are intensifying as the world's major democratic powers mobilize their own "vaccine diplomacy" initiatives in a bid to compete head-on with China for influence in strategically vital regions, particularly in Asia. Both 
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