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China House’s Africa-China Dialogue: From Exploring Discrimination to Building Dialogue

By Yajie Xu, Hongxiang Huang, Hailin Huang and Yifei Zhu Guangzhou, one of the commercial hubs in China, has attracted a large amount of Africans during the last few decades. "Chocolate City" was coined as another name for areas like Xiaobei ...

It’s True That a Lot of People Around the World Don’t Like China Very Much Right Now. I Know How to Change That.

As a Chinese person who's traveled around the world, including many parts of Africa, I can clearly see just how provincial most of my fellow Chinese are about the outside world. And, regrettably, that is partially to blame for many of the current difficulties we're facing.

Chinese NGOs in Africa are New and Making Some Mistakes but They’re Learning Fast

“Chinese embassy staffs in local countries said we are a non-governmental organization and won’t help us with anything, while many local NGOs and journalists see us as some kind of ‘Chinese government propaganda’ and they’re very rude towards us. It’s so difficult,” said Ms. Zhang, a 50-year-old ...

There are Chinese Racists and There are Chinese Global Citizens

Let’s admit right up front that there are racists in China and let’s not pretend there wasn’t racial discrimination against Africans in Guangzhou --- although recent events there were much more than just an outright expression of discrimination against Africans and black people: it was also a ...

How to Stop Ivory Trade with the Chinese Connection?

After investigating the Chinese connection with the ivory trade in Africa for the past three months, below is my own conclusion about how it is possible to break the Chinese-ivory link. Experts have estimated that China is responsible for about 70% of world ivory market. Beyond statistics, I have ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

What We’ve Lost in the Fire

This weekend was a rough one for South Africa. On Sunday, the country watched as fires around Table Mountain slowly started creeping downhill, towards the beautiful campus of the University of Cape Town (UCT). Soon it was confirmed that the university’s African Studies library, which housed a unique collection of African film, and one of the biggest repositories of historical documents related to Southern Africa, was on fire. Librarians are still trying ...