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Despite Lots of M&A Activity in the Cobalt Mining Sector, Chinese Imports of the Precious Metal Fell Sharply in 2020

Chinese cobalt imports fell 41.8% last year compared to the volumes shipped from the DRC in 2019, according to the mining news website Argus Media. The lockdowns in response to COVID-19 at the mines in the DRC and at South African ports, from where the precious metal ...

Zambia Stands to Benefit From Rising Copper Prices Due to Heightened Chinese Demand

While Zambia tries to figure out how if/how it plans to restructure its $12 billion debt portfolio, government coffers stand to benefit from resurgent copper prices, a major source of export earnings. The price of copper recently ...

Namibian Beef Exports to China Continue While Dozens of Other Countries Halt Meat Trade Due to COVID-19

China's General Administration of Customs published a list of 46 meat processing plants around the world that have halted exports to China due to COVID-19 outbreaks among their workers. But Namibia, so far, is not on the list. ...

What Do the Latest China-Africa Trade Numbers Tell us About This Relationship? Not as Much as You Might Think.

Two-way China-Africa trade increased slightly by 2.2% last year to $208.7 billion, according to newly released data from China's General Administration of Customs. At first glance, trade between these two regions seems to be quite balanced overall. ...

The Top 5 Things China and Africa Buy/Sell from One Another

In an article that recently appeared in the Paris-based magazine The Africa Report, Andrew McGregor, Managing Director of the independent research organization Who Owns Whom, and Marthinus Havenga, Director of Cathkin Consulting, provided some interesting data on the top five export and import categories that dominate the ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China, Africa and the Internet, Again

The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa recently discussed African elections and, not surprisingly, the conversation became about China. 

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More Evidence of Chinese Agricultural Buyers Shifting Away From US Suppliers as Mexican Pecan Exports to China Surged 3,000%

In the face of the ongoing trade war between China and the U.S., many of China’s pecan buyers have shifted their purchasing habits to neighboring Mexico. In fact, Mexico’s pecan exports to China increased by more than 3000% in 2018 relative to the previous year, with ...

A Rare Insider's View of the China-Africa Minerals Trade

China-Africa trade rebounded in 2018 after several years of steady declines. Trade between the two regions last year increased by nearly 20% to $204 billion, according to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. The bulk of Africa's exports to China is raw materials, namely oil ...