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China-DR Congo Trade Up 97% Compared to Last Year

TWEET TRANSLATION: China-DRC trade totaled $7.76 billion in the first seven months of the year, up 97% year-on-year, and the Congolese side recorded a trade surplus of $4.75 billion. During this period, Chinese companies invested $198 million in the DR Congo.

Global Metals Market on Edge Following Guinea Coup and Mounting Concerns About China’s Economy

The coup in Guinea combined with new indicators that China's economy may be slowing is contributing to a period of considerable turbulence in global metals markets as investors try to gauge the impact of these trends on Chinese demand for bauxite, copper, and iron ore:

This Chart Explains Why China is So Concerned About Events in Guinea

 "The outcome of the coup attempt is unclear, but the political turmoil offers a test for this relatively new supply chain. Investors need to mull a range of possibilities, from a relatively peaceful power transfer in Conakry that preserves the bauxite status quo, to more disruptive scenarios ...

Guinea Coup Complicates China’s Desire to Wean Itself Off Australian Imports

So far, Guinean bauxite exports to China appear unaffected by last Sunday's coup and policymakers in Beijing are no doubt hoping it stays that way. They would like to avoid having to turn to Australia for further supplies of the critical metal used to manufacture aluminum.

Chinese Oil Buyers Have a Renewed Appetite for Angola Crude

After a quiet past few months when oil prices slid from the once heady highs, Chinese refiners are showing signs of increased demand for Angolan crude. Traders in Asia and Europe told Reuters that Chinese buyers have been snapping up Angolan oil at higher premiums than in ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Which Way is West?

One of the fun aspects of the China-Africa Project is that we don’t always agree. The work of pulling in different perspectives means that how we see reality is itself a negotiation, drawing on our different backgrounds. For example, one of the issues where Eric and I diverge is on whether the concept of The West makes any sense.

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Yet Another Social Media Video Revealing Tensions Between Chinese and Congolese Miners

In what's becoming an increasingly frequent pattern, another video appeared online on Sunday showing a heated exchange between a Chinese and Congolese miner. The video that is now circulating widely on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube does not provide a lot of contextual information as to ...

When It Comes To Mining, Africa and Australia Are the Primary Sources of Key Minerals and Metals for China

China may be trying to transition to a services-led high technology economy that doesn't rely as much on manufacturing but that shift will take years. In the meantime, Chinese factories still need to rely on vast amounts of minerals, metals, and other mining products to bolster their ...

As Much as China Probably Wants to Shift Its Iron Ore Buys From Australia to Africa, It Won’t Happen Soon

There's been a lot of discussion over the past year about China's desire to eliminate its dependence on Australian iron ore in favour of supplies from countries like Guinea, Algeria, South Africa and Brazil among others. China has been steadily trying ...

Booming Chinese Demand for African Metals and Minerals Pushes Prices to Record Highs

These are good days for Africa's metals and mineral exporters, who are seeing record prices thanks to strong demand, in part, from China and international automakers that produce new energy vehicles. The timing for this latest "commodity supercycle," ...

3 Reasons Why Ghana Should be Anxious About China’s Entry Into The Cocoa Market

Months after news broke that China had entered into the global cocoa market with an initial delivery of 500 kilograms of beans shipped to Belgium from the southern island of Hainan, Ghanaians are still trying to figure out whether they have reason to be ...
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