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Automakers Keen to Reduce Reliance on Cobalt-Powered EV Batteries

Rumors are buzzing within the Chinese auto industry that Tesla is trying for the first time to produce a car without a cobalt-powered battery. Tesla is reportedly considering the use of Chinese EV giant BYD's LFP (Lithium iron phosphate) Blade battery. ...

China’s Once Obscure Auto Brands Are Building a Loyal Following in Critical African Markets

The Haval Jolion's jump to number two in South Africa's SUV market is the latest indication of the growing popularity of Chinese-made vehicles in Africa. Great Wall’s P Series pickup is also now a top-five brand in SA, Africa's largest automotive market.

The Haval Jolion Highlights The Major Inroads Chinese Cars Are Making in the African Auto Market

The popular South African auto review site just couldn't be more effusive about Great Wall Motors' new Haval Jolion SUV. "Should you buy the Jolion," the online review asked rhetorically, "you’d be silly not to." But the ...

Glencore’s CEO Warns Western Automakers About China’s Control of Congolese Cobalt

The CEO of the world's largest cobalt mining company issued a stern warning to U.S. and European automakers that they had better get their acts together to secure supplies of this precious metal or else risk becoming dependent on China for batteries to power their electric vehicles. ...

Chinese Automakers Are Making New Inroads Across Africa

Geely, China's largest independent automaker, launched its new Coolray SUV in Nigeria in what's become a big push by Chinese auto companies to expand their presence in Africa. The SUV category is especially popular, as evidenced by the strong performance in South ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Which Way is West?

One of the fun aspects of the China-Africa Project is that we don’t always agree. The work of pulling in different perspectives means that how we see reality is itself a negotiation, drawing on our different backgrounds. For example, one of the issues where Eric and I diverge is on whether the concept of The West makes any sense.

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