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China-Africa 101: Do Regular Africans Approve? Polls & Stories on China’s Likeability

Many African leaders often praise the Asian country as a reliable partner in Africa. They say their relationship is a “win-win,” and paint an optimistic picture for the future. Critics, however, are skeptical. They believe that the close relationship ...

China-Africa 101: Japan & China – Asian Players Competing on the African Continent

During the 2016 TICAD summit, Japan appeared to woo its African counterparts by emphasizing what China has long been criticized for: shoddy quality of projects. Speaking with African heads-of-state in Nairobi, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not name China but certainly alluded to the issue of ...

The Beginner's Guide to China-Africa Relations

While there are a growing number of books that explore the China-Africa relationship, most are written either by scholars or journalists who are experts in the field and are written in a style that is often inaccessible for people new to this subject.

NO! China is NOT Exporting Convict Labor to Africa!!!!

15-minutes in to almost any conversation about the Chinese in Africa and the question about Chinese labor invariably comes up. "The Chinese are exporting convicts to work on construction sites," according to one of the pervasive myths, or, "Chinese companies don't hire as many ...
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