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China Taps Into African Anger Over Antiquities Stolen During the Colonial Period

There's recently been a noticeable increase in discussions on China's diplomatic Twitter accounts in Africa and in official media about the return of antiquities stolen during the colonial era. This has long been a point of contention between African countries and European museums, who continue to hold ...

Chinese Vlogger Zhao Huiling Showcases How African Fashion Brands Can Compete Internationally

Chinese social media video blogger, or "vlogger," Zhao Huiling, takes her viewers to the Designing Africa Collective (DAC) in Nairobi that showcases some of the latest styles by talented designers from across the continent. Huiling speaks with DAC founder Diana Opoti about how African fashion brands can prepare themselves ...

After Travelling to Kenya Three Times, a Chinese High School Student Started a New Business with a Group of Massai Women

I am a high school student in China. I have come to Kenya twice for field researches related to community development. This July, I went to Kenya again to do something different. Kenya is not a major destination for most ...