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Chinese Media Report on What Happened in South Africa, They Just Won’t Tell You Much About Why It Happened

Chinese media coverage of last week's violence in South Africa was notable for how it reported on the events that led to the death of at least 200 people and caused widespread damage in many of South Africa's largest cities including Durban, Newcastle, and Johannesburg among others. ...

Reading the Smoke

As things slowly settle down in South Africa after the last ruinous week, the debates about who’s really to blame are catching fire. It’s now being called an insurrection attempt, and President Ramaphosa has referred to those responsible for fueling the protests as ‘enemies of democracy.’ 

China Malls Looted and Burned in South Africa Riots

China Malls in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province are among the commercial centers being looted and burned in the worsening protests that are ravaging a number of major South African cities. It doesn't appear that the China Malls, like ...

EJF: Chinese Fishing Trawler Captains Bribe and Intimidate Ghanaian Government Observers

The Ghanaian government's efforts to monitor and report illegal fishing activities on trawlers operating under its flag, many owned by Chinese companies, has been critically undermined through intimidation and bribery, according to a damning new report by the London-based non-profit Environmental Justice Foundation.

The Fire Next Door

So…How have you been? Since we last spoke, my country exploded. If you’re not up on South African news, the current government has finally managed to get a charge to stick to its predecessor – former president Jacob Zuma. This took ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Companies’ “Eat Bitter” Management Style Just Doesn’t Work in Africa

Forget debt traps, Huawei ‘back-doors’ and vaccine diplomacy. They might be the disputes that define our current polarized moment. But I’m willing to bet they won’t have the staying power of the one – the original – dispute that has haunted Chinese engagement with Africa since the late 1990s: labor.

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Nigeria’s Twitter Ban & China’s Cyber Cultural Products

June’s been an eventful month for China, Africa, and the internet. On June 5th, Nigeria’s government suspended the use of Twitter in the country, indefinitely. The next day, the Foundation for Investigative Journalism reported that the Nigerian government had also reached out to the Cyberspace Administration ...

Nigerian House Representative Endorses Chinese-Style Social Media Regulation

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is getting support from his ruling party allies in the House of Representatives to further the crackdown on social media and introduce even stricter "Chinese-style" regulations. "In China, social media is being regulated and such a thing ...

The Powerful Symbolism of The Huawei-Built Data Center Deal in Senegal

U.S. and French media were surprisingly quiet about yesterday's inauguration of a new national data center that was built with Chinese financing and equipped by Huawei. The new facility, located in Diamniadio outside of the capital Dakar, marks an important milestone in Africa. This is the first time ...

Why the Neocolonialism Story Will Never Die

The revelation of what appears to be massive illegal Chinese gold mining and logging operations in rural Sierra Leone could open a contentious new front in Africa-China conversations. Or more accurately, it could revivify one of the ur-themes underlying the whole relationship: the idea that China is a ...

Chinese Cyber Sovereignty & Nigeria’s #Twitterban

The Nigerian government justified the banning of Twitter on the basis of protecting the country's national interest, security, and sovereignty. Although the move was done for purely domestic political reasons, the government's defense is strikingly similar to the language that China ...
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