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SolarTaxi: The Hot Ghanaian Start-Up Powered by Low-Cost Chinese Tech

Tech entrepreneur Jorge Appiah wants to revolutionize how people and goods get around Ghana by making transportation cheaper and, more important, cleaner. The CEO and Founder of SolarTaxi, a start-up launched in 2019 focused on electric-powered mobility solutions for both businesses and consumers, is ...

Chinese EV Battery Makers Push New Cobalt-Free Power Packs

Two seemingly contradictory trends are underway in China's electric vehicle battery market. On the one hand, there's a greater push to import ever-larger quantities of cobalt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At the same time, there are also rapid moves to develop ...

China’s EV Battery Industry Headed in Two Seemingly Opposite Directions

Chinese chemicals manufacturer Jiangsu Lopal Tech announced a new joint venture with a Chinese fertiliser company to build a new factory to manufacture materials for use in lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries that are used to power electric cars. When fully operational, the new plant ...

The Story of One Man’s Journey From Hunan Province to Driving Trucks in the Republic of Congo

Even though hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationals now live in countries across Africa, very little is known about the personal stories of these individuals who've often taken significant risks to set up new lives far from home. From time to time, though, profiles of these migrants ...

Automakers Keen to Reduce Reliance on Cobalt-Powered EV Batteries

Rumors are buzzing within the Chinese auto industry that Tesla is trying for the first time to produce a car without a cobalt-powered battery. Tesla is reportedly considering the use of Chinese EV giant BYD's LFP (Lithium iron phosphate) Blade battery. ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China’s Climate Role in the Global South

I don’t know about you, but I’m suffering from COP26 stress. There’s so much riding on the global climate summit happening in Glasgow at the end of the month that it’s sometimes difficult to remember we face a few other pressing issues too. 

To this point, Foreign Affairs this week published a poll asking a stellar group of experts whether American foreign policy is too hostile to China. Not surprisingly they got ...

President Edgar Lungu Commissions New Chinese-Built Airport As Part of a Last-Minute Campaign Push

Zambian President Edgar Lungu, currently in the final leg of a bitterly contested election campaign, did what politicians love best: cutting a ribbon to inaugurate new infrastructure. The President last week landed at the brand new Chinese-financed and built ...

Record EV Sales in China Pushes Up the Price of Cobalt and Other Battery Materials

Chinese car buyers are snapping up electric-powered vehicles in record numbers. In the first half of the year alone, automakers sold 1.2 million new energy vehicles and almost a quarter of a million in June alone.

China’s Once Obscure Auto Brands Are Building a Loyal Following in Critical African Markets

The Haval Jolion's jump to number two in South Africa's SUV market is the latest indication of the growing popularity of Chinese-made vehicles in Africa. Great Wall’s P Series pickup is also now a top-five brand in SA, Africa's largest automotive market.

The Stuff That Goes Into Making a Battery For Electric Vehicles is Getting a Lot More Expensive

Prices for the key commodities needed to produce electric vehicle batteries have been rallying all year on stronger demand for new energy vehicles. They spiked in recent days, following the U.S.-led summit on climate change that took place online last week. ...

Demand for EV Battery Materials is Surging Putting Renewed Focus on Where These Strategic Resources Come From and China’s Role in Processing Them

With new electric-powered sports cars like Ford's Mach-E and Audi's e-tron Quattro selling well, demand is surging for the strategic minerals and metals that are used to make the batteries in those vehicles. Sales of lithium, cobalt, nickel, and graphite 
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