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China’s Communist Youth League Asks “Who’s Better For Africa? China or the U.S.?” (Guess Who They Picked?)

The Central Committee of China's influential Communist Youth League (CYL) published a rather comical (unintentionally of course) comparison between U.S. and Chinese engagement in Africa that made the case as to why China, not surprisingly, is the more optimal partner for the continent.

The Chinese Government Briefs Diaspora in Africa on FOCAC and Also Wants to Make Sure Everyone’s Sufficiently Patriotic

China's Ambassador to Botswana, Wang Xuefeng, led a post-FOCAC briefing of overseas Chinese diaspora from Africa to bring them up to speed on everything that happened at the conference in Dakar and just to make sure they're all aligned when it comes to key issues like Xi Jinping ...

On the Eve of FOCAC, China Publishes White Paper That Details Ties With Africa

The Chinese government laid out an ambitious blueprint for its ties with Africa detailed in a 36-page white paper published by the State Council (China's equivalent to the cabinet in the U.S.) on Friday, just two days before the opening of the eighth FOCAC ...

Gyude Moore Reflects on China’s New White Paper and Weighs How African Stakeholders Should Respond

The release of the White Paper on Friday provoked a lively discussion online among scholars and analysts. W. Gyude Moore, a senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development in Washington, D.C., and a prominent Africa-China observer weighed in with a lengthy, nine-part Twitter thread:

The Global South and Communist Party Politics

By Mariah Thornton, China Foresight LSE IDEAS To those of us observing China from the outside, the internal politics of the Communist Party of China (CPC) often seem obscure, like a black box. However, these internal struggles give us a sense ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

The Big Chill

Over the last few years, we’ve seen increasing hand-wringing in Western capitals about how the money China is spending in the Global South translates into direct political influence. This week research was published that quantifies the issue.

A new report by Foreign Policy Research Institute tracked how increased Chinese spending (both loans and foreign direct investment) in African countries aligns with those countries’ voting in the United Nations General Assembly ...

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Addressed Hundreds of African Stakeholders at the “Local FOCAC” Conference

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered the keynote address this week at the 4th China-Africa Local Government Cooperation Forum (CALGC), informally dubbed "local FOCAC." The event brought together 300 stakeholders from cities, states, provinces, and other sub-national levels. Tuesday's event was ...

Photo of the Day: The PLA is “Under the Party’s Command”

This image of newly arrived Chinese blue helmets in the DRC provides an important reminder that, unlike most other militaries that operate under the command of their national government, the PLA is "under the Party's command" per the container in the background.

CCP Quietly Bolsters Ties With Africa’s Ruling Parties

The Secretary of Uganda's ruling National Resistance Movement Party, Richard Todwong, took part in a seminar on Saturday organized by the Chinese Communist Party that is part of a broader effort by the CCP to further strengthen its ties with ruling parties across the continent.

News24: South African Intelligence Concerned ANC MP Xiaomei Havard is Sharing Secrets With China

South Africa's State Security Agency, the country's intelligence service, has concluded there is a "high likelihood" that ANC MP Xiaomei Havard (张晓梅) may be passing on classified information to the Chinese Communist Party, according to a bombshell report published Wednesday on South Africa's online ...

The Conservative Argument as to “Why Americans Should be Concerned About Communist China’s Influence in Africa”

The President of the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank in Washington, D.C. published a scathing column today in the right-wing newspaper Washington Times warning Americans about why they need to be concerned about China's growing influence in Africa. It's ...
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