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Trade Deficits with China Will Emerge as New Political Issue in Africa, Scholar Predicts

University of Notre Dame China-Africa scholar Joshua Eiseman responded on Twitter to the latest trade data with a prediction that the politics of Chinese trade that have roiled the U.S. ...

China Promotes Burundi to “All-Weather Friend”

One of the highlights of Foreign Minister Wang Yi's trip to Burundi was the announcement that Beijing had classified the government there as an "All-Weather Friend." While this may not be an official diplomatic designation, it's nonetheless an important status within the Chinese diplomatic lexicon.

Why Wang Yi’s Boring, Uneventful Tour of Africa Was So Important

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is on his way back home today after wrapping a busy weekend visiting three African countries to wrap up his latest African tour. He also made an unscheduled stop in Nairobi. For all intents and purposes, ...

China’s Mideast Position in Flux Amid Escalating U.S.-Iran Crisis

Editor's Note: the geopolitical lines that once clearly separated Africa, MENA and the GCC countries from one another are now quite blurred. As such, we're going to include more coverage of China-Gulf and China Mideast relations in our daily newsletter and podcasts.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Annual Mystery Tour of Africa

What a snapshot of this moment in foreign policy: as China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi embarks this week on his annual tour of African countries, the Pentagon is publicly disagreeing with U.S. President Trump about exactly which Iranian sites might be targeted ...

While the U.S. Gets Bogged Down in the Persian Gulf, China Pushes on With its African Diplomacy

Getting Africa on the agenda in Washington, D.C. has never been easy, but now it'll be near impossible as America's senior foreign policy leaders become consumed managing the burgeoning crisis in Iran, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. Contrast that ...

Tweet of the Day: Chinese Ambassador Denounces South African Opposition Party’s Ongoing Visit to Taiwan

Chinese Ambassador Lin Songtian, who is now quite prolific on Twitter, turned to the social media platform to express his displeasure about the Inkatha Freedom Party's decision to visit Taiwan this week. Ambassador Lin expressed re-asserted China's longstanding policy that Taiwan is a ...

Chinese Companies Building Mausoleums for Political Leaders in Zambia, Zimbabwe

A Chinese company has been chosen to construct the much-debated mausoleum for late Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe. It is not the first time a Chinese company has been tasked with building shrines for the region’s political leaders.

Although Relatively New to Twitter, China’s Ambassador in Zimbabwe Isn’t Afraid to Fight

He's only been using Twitter since April, but Ambassador Guo Shaochun is really getting the hang of the social network's bare-knuckle brawling culture. His feed is filled with strongly-worded rebuttals against China's critics in Zimbabwe, no matter if the accuser is someone popular ...

Video Worth Watching – China in Africa: Fair Trade or New Colonialism?

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Amsterdam arts and culture house deBAILE held a fascinating event on Monday with three prominent European China-Africa experts. The panel, from left to right, featured Miriam Driessen from Oxford University, Ilaria Carrozza from ...
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