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Why China’s Belt & Road Initiative is a Lot Like a Rorschach Test

By China House Fellows Geng Xingshuo, 19, University of Rochester; Yang Zimo, 16, Lee Academy Shanghai; Cheng Yin 16 Tianjin Foreign Language School China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a program which initiatives are creating fresh waves of road, rail, ...

Favorable Views of China, France Both Fall in 12-Nation African Survey

Opinion leaders in 12 French and Arabic speaking African countries look less favorably upon France and China, according to the findings of the third annual survey conducted by the French Council of Investors in Africa (CIAN), an independent business association. China fell 9 points this past year ...

China’s Polling Ahead of Other Countries For Its COVID-19 Aid, But Beijing Still May Not Get the Soft Power Win It Desires

A new public opinion survey in Southeast Asia provides an indication that residents in some developing countries acknowledge China's considerable contributions in helping to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, while still feeling ambivalent about Beijing's motivations, according to the findings of a new poll conducted ...

Chinese State Media Gloats About Survey Results That Show China is More Popular Than the U.S. in MENA

Chinese state media outlets this weekend touted the findings of a recent Arab Barometer public opinion survey released in January, which showed much higher approval ratings for China compared to the United States. The survey in six Middle East and North ...

Africa’s Mosaic Approach

Afrobarometer is the gift that keeps on giving. Every few years the survey company tracks public opinion in African countries about external partners. The result is a growing and fascinating body of work that shows African public opinion about actors like China shifting in real-time. This time, 

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Companies’ “Eat Bitter” Management Style Just Doesn’t Work in Africa

Forget debt traps, Huawei ‘back-doors’ and vaccine diplomacy. They might be the disputes that define our current polarized moment. But I’m willing to bet they won’t have the staying power of the one – the original – dispute that has haunted Chinese engagement with Africa since the late 1990s: labor.

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Polling: China’s Plunging Favorability in Advanced Economies Contrasts With Relative Stability in Africa

New polling data from the Pew Research Center reveals that public opinion about China in advanced economies in Europe, Asia, and the United States have sunk to historic lows. "In most countries, around three-quarters or more see the ...

China’s Surprisingly Durable Reputation in Africa

Donald Trump famously said that he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and not "lose any voters." Despite all that's happened over the past 3.5 years of his presidency, the president's poll numbers have remained largely intact, proving that statement to be ...

China’s Overall Approval Rating in Africa Dips But Not by Much According to New Survey

Positive public perceptions of China in several of Africa's largest countries have fallen in recent years but only by a little, according to the latest results from the independent, non-partisan public opinion research agency Afrobarometer. In Nigeria, public perceptions about whether ...

Arab Barometer: MENA Residents Have an Increasingly Favorable View of China

A new survey published by Arab Barometer, a Princeton University-affiliated non-partisan quantitative research institute, reveals increasingly favorable public perceptions of China in many countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. "In nine of 12 countries surveyed as part of the ...

It’s True That a Lot of People Around the World Don’t Like China Very Much Right Now. I Know How to Change That.

As a Chinese person who's traveled around the world, including many parts of Africa, I can clearly see just how provincial most of my fellow Chinese are about the outside world. And, regrettably, that is partially to blame for many of the current difficulties we're facing.
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