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Africa’s Knocking on the Wrong Door for Debt Relief

The whole discussion going on today over calls from African leaders to write off or reschedule their countries' debts feels completely disconnected from reality. For some reason, they're focusing all of their attention on the G20 leaders summit that's going to take place today and comments ...

Ethiopian PM Abiy Puts Debt Relief on the COVID-19 Agenda. Now the Multi-Billion Dollar Question is How Will China Respond?

Confronted with an "existential threat," Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed issued an urgent plea to G20 countries for immediate debt relief. The "dramatic decline in exports, disruption of global chains, and the sudden drying up of travel of tourism are sure to wreak havoc to our economies," 

Media Watch: Three Reasons Why to be Wary of CNBC’s Coverage of the Burgeoning China-Zambia Debt Crisis

Zambia is struggling to repay its debts and, according to new research from the business intelligence firm EXX Africa, and Chinese corporate creditors are indicating they aren't willing to just write off the losses.  Breakdowns in Zambia's energy supply is rippling ...

China and Ghana Agree to a Small Debt Write-Off and a Big Bauxite Deal

The Chinese and Ghanian governments have reached an agreement over a controversial $2 billion infrastructure-for-resources deal that conservationists worry could jeopardize the water supply for up to five million people and fragile ecosystems in the Atewa Forest Reserve. Also during her visit, Vice ...
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