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Professor Carlos Oya: How Can Chinese Companies Create More and Better Jobs for Africans?

University of London Professor Carlos Oya is among the world's leading scholars on Chinese labor practices in Africa. Last July, he published a ground-breaking report that challenged widely-held perceptions about the quantity of Chinese imported labor in Ethiopia and Angola (90% of workers on Chinese ...

With Inventories of Chinese-made Products Running Low Across Africa, Shop Owners Wonder What’s Next

China-Africa trade has essentially come to a halt due to the worsening COVID-19 outbreak around the world, adding new pressure on small business owners across Africa who make a living selling imported Chinese goods. Now with inventories running low, shopowners are wondering how they're going to replenish ...

China Emerges as Key Theme in Discussion on How to Create Jobs in Nigeria

The NewThink podcast is a new show hosted by two of Washington's most well-known Africa analysts, Aubrey Hruby from the Atlantic Council and Former Liberian Public Works Minister and current fellow at the Center for Global Development, Gyude Moore. In this episode that focuses on how ...

A New Focus on Youth Unemployment by Chinese Stakeholders in Africa

60 Chinese companies participated in a job fair in Johannesburg on Tuesday organized by the South Africa-China Economic and Trade Association. Apparently, some 238 young people were offered jobs at the event, according to Ambassador to Lin Songtian in an interview with CNBC Africa.

For Many Chinese in Africa, There’s a Fine Line Between “Eating Bitter” and Actually Becoming Bitter

Where do we find the line between eating bitterness and becoming bitter? In the latest episode of the China in Africa Project podcast, "The Bitter Life for Chinese Migrant Workers in Ethiopia," hosts Eric Olander and Cobus ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Our Haunted Moment

Today we’re featuring a fascinating conversation with the Congolese analyst Christian-Geraud Neema Byamungu about recent developments in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Case Study: Chinese Cement Company Builds a Solid Foundation in Zambia

China’s growing economic muscle in Africa frequently raises fears of domination. However, on the ground, these companies often create jobs and try to comply with laws aimed at strengthening local stakeholdership. A case in point is the Sinoma Cement Company, a Chinese company set up in Zambia ...