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Global Metals Market on Edge Following Guinea Coup and Mounting Concerns About China’s Economy

The coup in Guinea combined with new indicators that China's economy may be slowing is contributing to a period of considerable turbulence in global metals markets as investors try to gauge the impact of these trends on Chinese demand for bauxite, copper, and iron ore:

Chinese Businesses in South Africa Form Armed Self Defense Groups to Protect Their Property From Looters

Chinese business owners in KwaZulu-Natal's third-largest city Newscastle are forming armed civil patrols to protect their property and residents from the violent protests that have steadily escalated since July 8th, according to a report published by the Chengdu Commercial Daily newspaper. The Newcastle area ...

Chinese Ambassador and Egyptian PM Visit Local Factory That Will Produce Sinovac Vaccines

China's ambassador to Egypt Liao Liqiang was accompanied last week by Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly for an onsite visit of the Egyptian pharmaceutical plant that will serve as a manufacturing hub for Sinovac COVID-19 vaccines. Already, the facility has produced a million doses that will be available for ...

White House Issues Report On How to Disentangle Critical Materials Supply Chains From China, Just as Apple is Reportedly in Talks With Chinese Battery Makers

Securing reliable supplies of cobalt and other strategic materials from places like the Democratic Republic of the Congo featured prominently in a new White House report that aims to counter China's dominance in this area. The timing of the report, however, comes just as Apple is reported ...

China May Be Providing More Vaccines to Africa Than Anyone Else, But That’s Not Saying Much

China's total vaccine deliveries to Africa increased slightly over the past week by just 300,000 doses to 20.3 million, according to the latest data from the vaccine tracking reporting compiled by the Beijing-based Bridge Consulting. Asia remains the ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Which Way is West?

One of the fun aspects of the China-Africa Project is that we don’t always agree. The work of pulling in different perspectives means that how we see reality is itself a negotiation, drawing on our different backgrounds. For example, one of the issues where Eric and I diverge is on whether the concept of The West makes any sense.

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In What Could Be Bad News From the DR Congo, the Cobalt-Free EV Battery May Happen Much Sooner Than We Thought

The world's leading automakers are making much faster progress than anticipated in moving away from electric vehicle batteries that contain cobalt. VW, Tesla, and the Chinese EV giant BYD (the world's second-largest EV maker) have all either developed new cobalt-free batteries or are in late-stage development.

Almost a Third of the World’s Cobalt, Mostly From the DRC, Went to China Last Year

32% of the world's cobalt output went to China, according to the latest annual report published by The Cobalt Institute, an industry-financed organization. In addition to being the largest consumer of cobalt, China is also the dominant producer of refined cobalt that is used ...

China Controls 90% of the World’s Manganese Market, Another Strategic Ingredient for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Governments and automakers in the U.S., Europe and Asia have become steadily concerned in recent years over China's dominance of the strategic minerals and metals supply chains that are used to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles. Their primary concern ...

Egypt Poised to Begin Vaccine Manufacturing After First Batch of Raw Materials Arrived From China

Egyptian Health Minister Hala Zayed and Chinese ambassador Liao Liqiang were at Cairo's international airport on Friday to witness the arrival of 1,400 liters of vaccine components that will be used to produce 2 million doses of Sinovac vaccine before the end of June.

As Chinese Vaccines Exports Continue to Slow, Local Production Around the World Steadily Increases

China is rapidly closing in on 400 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered domestically, at a stunning pace of 14 million per day. All those domestic vaccinations means that China has fewer jabs to export abroad. While international shipments have slowed considerably ...
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