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Second Batch of Chinese-Vaccines Arrive in Cairo

A second batch of Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Cairo on Tuesday, according to a report in the Egypt Today newspaper. Altogether, the Chinese have shipped 100,000 doses to Egypt over the past week that will inoculate 50,000 people. ...

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution in Africa Presents China With a Golden Geopolitical Opportunity

The same week that 100,000 doses of Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccines arrived in Africa for the first time, news emerged from the World Health Organization that its Covax vaccine alliance is in trouble. Reuters reported that ...

The Optics of Leadership in the COVID-19 Era

As 2020 crawls to its end, it's becoming clear that, all things considered, China is emerged from the year's nested crises in better shape than many expected.  While Europe and Japan seem headed to new slumps, and the American recovery also ...

Deborah Bräutigam: China Likely To Partner With the WHO For C19 Vaccine Distribution in Africa

China is working closely with Ethiopia, Egypt, and likely other African countries to lay the groundwork to deliver millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines to the continent. With the new cold-chain air bridge that was announced last week between Shenzhen and Addis Ababa, it's becoming ...

Chinese Debt Relief in Africa Definitely Helps in the Short Term, But in the Long Term? Hard to Tell Says New Analysis

Although China's debt relief efforts are often downplayed by many of its critics in the U.S. and EU, the fact is that Beijing's done more to renegotiate and cancel loans to African countries during the current financial crisis than it has previously: 

This Graphic Shows the Huge Diplomatic Opportunity For China If It Can Provide Africa With Sufficient Supplies of C19 Vaccines

It is becoming increasingly apparent that Africa is going to be the last region around the world to secure sufficient supplies of COVID-19 vaccines to innoculate a majority of its population, according to data from the Economist Intelligence Unit. John Nkengasong, ...

With UAE Approval, China’s COVID-19 Vaccines Make Their Official International Debut

The United Arab Emirates on Wednesday became the first foreign country to officially approve the use of a Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine. UAE's health ministry reported that the vaccine made by Sinopharm was 86% effective in phase 3 clinical trials.

Ugandan Government Sparks Confusion With Announcement that Chinese Residents Will be Allowed to Import C19 Vaccine

The Ugandan health ministry sparked quite a bit of confusion on Wednesday when it announced that it would allow Chinese residents in the country to import 4,000 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine from China to be used within their own community.

The Chinese Are Changing Course in Africa

With the rise of the Belt and Road over the past several years, China's dependence on Africa for raw materials has been steadily diminishing. 15-20 years ago when China first embarked on its "Going Out" agenda, the barriers to entry into most African markets were low and ...

Morocco to Use Chinese COVID-19 Vaccine as a Part of a Nationwide Vaccination Campaign

The Moroccan government announced that it plans to embark on a mass COVID-19 vaccination campaign that will initially use Chinese-made vaccines even before they've completed advanced trials. King Mohammed VI instructed the government to make the vaccine free, according to a ...
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