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Africa’s Main Gateway to China Ramps Up Coronavirus Checks

With multiple daily flights between China and Africa, Bole International airport in Addis Ababa is a key frontline outpost in the effort to help stop a full-blown outbreak in Ethiopia and Africa at large. Health officials at the airport were a bit slower than others to implement ...

The Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus Are Likely Going to Hit Africa Very Hard

The broad sell-off that rattled global stock markets on Monday due to growing investor anxiety over the fallout from the rapidly escalating coronavirus crisis in China highlights Africa's economic vulnerability in this rapidly escalating crisis, particularly in those countries where China is the largest trading partner.

Early Warning Signs Indicate Coronavirus Crisis Could Provoke Anti-China Backlash Among Some Policymakers in Africa

Chinese officials would be well-advised to pay close attention to the Twitter account of Kenyan Senator Ledama Olekina who last week Tweeted to his 73,000+ followers an angry conflation of the debt and coronavirus issues. If the virus makes ...

BBC Interviews African Students Trapped in the Wuhan Quarantine

There's been surprisingly little social media content published by the hundreds, likely thousands of African students who are trapped in the massive quarantine zone in and around Wuhan in China's Hebei province. BBC Africa managed to make contact with an African ...

Pangolins and Other African Wildlife Could be Among the Only Beneficiaries of This Crisis

The outbreak of coronavirus is being traced back to one of Wuhan's many live animal markets that sell a variety of wildlife including snakes, turtles, and cicadas, guinea pigs, bamboo rats, badgers, hedgehogs, otters, palm civets, even wolf cubs. Now that this ...

Africa’s Oil and Tourism Sectors to be Impacted First by Coronavirus Outbreak in China

Although most of the attention in Africa about the coronavirus is appropriately focused on what can be done to prevent the virus from spreading, there are growing concerns over the potential economic impact across the continent -- particularly since China is the largest trading partner for the ...

Across the Continent, African Authorities on High Alert for Coronavirus

African health authorities across the continent are now actively screening passengers at key ports of entries, particularly international airports, to screen passengers for the flu-like symptoms that highlight the deadly coronavirus that has infected thousands in China and killed several dozen people.

Africa Braces for the Arrival of the Wuhan Coronavirus

A number of governments across the continent are proactively ramping up temperature screenings at ports of entry and proactively starting to issue public communications to reassure their publics that, so far, the virus has not made landfall. The glaring exception, though, ...

Nigeria is Right to be Worried About the Wuhan Coronavirus

Nigeria Center for Disease Control Director General Chikwe Ihekweazu is doing his best to reassure constituents that his team is closely following the spread of the deadly coronavirus in China and monitoring to see if it makes its way all the over to Nigeria.

Call for Contributions: African Health and Agriculture Storytelling Opportunities

INTRODUCTION: The China Africa Project (CAP) and the Beijing-based development communications agency Diinsider are partnering together for an exciting new multimedia initiative that will showcase key innovations, programs and trends in the African health and agricultural development sectors. This project will engage scholars, practitioners, journalists, and others ...
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