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Meet 16-Year Old Guangzhou Native Su Yuliang Who’s Poised to Make History in China’s Pro Soccer League

There will be a young, fresh face playing for Guangzhou FC when the Chinese Super League (CSL) opens its new season. Born in the southern Chinese city to Nigerian and Chinese parents, Su Yuliang (苏宇亮) was drafted by the club and, at 16 years old, if he ...

South African Eli Zaelo Wants to be China’s Next “Mandopop” Star

27-year old Pretoria-native Eli Zaelo came to Hong Kong a few years ago to perform as part of the Lion King cast at Disneyland. She had never been to Asia before and didn't speak a word of Chinese, either Cantonese or Mandarin. But she did see an opportunity, ...

South African Singer Eli Zaelo Wants to Become Hong Kong’s Next C-Pop Star

Pretoria native Eli Zaelo first moved to Hong Kong in 2015 to join the cast of the Disney show the "Lion King" which performed in the territory. After the show was over and she returned to South Africa, Zaelo felt compelled to return to the southern Chinese ...

BlackLivity’s Láikàn (来看) Series Portrays a Nuanced, Complex View of Black Life in China

BlackLivity, the independent community-based media platform dedicated to showcasing Black life in China, launched a new video this week that highlights the site's compelling Láikàn series that provides first-person stories about the African diaspora experience in and about China.

Change in Guangzhou’s African Diaspora Community

April 11th will mark the one-year anniversary of what's become known as "the Guangzhou Incident" when dozens, possibly hundreds of African residents in the southern Chinese city were evicted from their homes and hotels. Chinese officials denied that Black and African ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Companies’ “Eat Bitter” Management Style Just Doesn’t Work in Africa

Forget debt traps, Huawei ‘back-doors’ and vaccine diplomacy. They might be the disputes that define our current polarized moment. But I’m willing to bet they won’t have the staying power of the one – the original – dispute that has haunted Chinese engagement with Africa since the late 1990s: labor.

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African Businesses in China: Meet Ghanaian Tech Entrepreneur Charles Cyril Nettey

Shanghai-based China-Africa watcher Heather Li published the second installment in her new video series that profiles young African entrepreneurs in China. In this episode, she introduces us to Charles Cyril Nettey from Ghana who founded the Africa Diaspora Innovation Group and runs an e-commerce start-up. ...

Vlog: How Africans in China Challenge Stereotypical Views on African Migration

Hong Kong-based Lingnan University Assistant Professor Roberto Castillo, one of the world's foremost scholars on the African diaspora in China, published a new vlog that previews a number of the key themes featured in his upcoming book on the topic.

Ivorian Striker Passes Up Chinese Naturalization So He Can Play For His Own National Team

After five years of playing in the Chinese Super League, Jean Evrard Kouassi qualified for Chinese residency and the chance to play on China's national team. But the Ivorian striker decided to pass in the hope of making his own national team back home. ...

China House’s Africa-China Dialogue: From Exploring Discrimination to Building Dialogue

By Yajie Xu, Hongxiang Huang, Hailin Huang and Yifei Zhu Guangzhou, one of the commercial hubs in China, has attracted a large amount of Africans during the last few decades. "Chocolate City" was coined as another name for areas like Xiaobei ...

Guangzhou: Home to a New Generation of Afro-Chinese Children

Six months after the dramatic events that took place in Guangzhou where dozens, possibly hundreds of African residents were evicted from their homes and hotels, the South China Morning Post returned to the southern Chinese city to examine what daily life is like in the bustling African ...
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