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Russian and Chinese Propaganda Efforts in Africa

Combatting fake news, misinformation and outright propaganda is one of the foremost challenges confronting policymakers in Africa and elsewhere around the world. Some of that misleading information is distributed organically while other memes are intentionally deployed by governments to influence local ...

More Unsubstantiated Reports of Chinese Troop Deployments to Africa

Longstanding fears of Chinese troop deployments to Namibia resurfaced last week when a legislator claimed, without evidence, that 3,500 Chinese soldiers are currently in the country. Defense Minister Peter Hafeni Vilho didn't help matters when he refused to comment on the ...

China’s Embassy in Zimbabwe Swats Away Social Media Rumor that a Chinese Evacuation is Underway

Zhao Baogang, China's deputy ambassador at the embassy in Harare, called online reports that Chinese nationals were being evacuated from Zimbabwe "fake news." The rumor ...