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Weibo User: Where Are the Wolf Warriors to Rescue Chinese Nationals in South Africa?

Where's Wu Jing and the Wolf Warriors to help overseas Chinese impacted by the violence in South Africa wondered Weibo user "Little Tiger" (某小老虎) in a post on the Chinese social network on Wednesday. Although "

It’s Dumpling Time! Chinese Peacekeepers in the DRC Celebrate the Annual Dragon Boat Festival

Monday was the annual Dragon Boat Festival holiday in China when it's customary to eat sticky rice dumplings known as Zongzi 粽子. And even though they were far from home, a group of Chinese soldiers deployed as part of ...

Ghana’s Defense Minister Is Sending the Military Back to the Countryside to Crack Down on Illegal Gold Mining

Facing a surge of public pressure that the government isn't doing enough to stop small-scale illegal gold mining (a practice known as galamsey,) Ghana's Defense Minister Dominic Nitiwul announced that a joint Army, Navy and Air Force task force will be redeployed back into the ...

Batch of COVID-19 Vaccines Donated by the PLA Lands in Zimbabwe

The People's Liberation Army shipped a donation of 100,000 doses of Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines to their counterparts in the Zimbabwe Defence Force. Zimbabwe's Minister of Defence Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri and ZDF Commander General Phillip Valerio Sibanda joined Chinese ambassador Guo Shaochun ...

General Stephen Townsend’s Comments on China Are Not Helping the U.S. Cause in Africa

The top commander for U.S. forces in Africa (AFRICOM), General Stephen Townsend, thought it would be a good idea to re-surface the old trope that China is looking to build a new military outpost in Africa, this time on the West Coast.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Reading the Smoke

As things slowly settle down in South Africa after the last ruinous week, the debates about who’s really to blame are catching fire. It’s now being called an insurrection attempt, and President Ramaphosa has referred to those responsible for fueling the protests as ‘enemies of democracy.’ One of the problems underlying the current crisis is that he’s both right and wrong. South Africa is indeed, as Ramaphosa called it, a ‘hard-fought-for democracy.’ ...

U.S. General Predicts China Will Deploy More Military Forces to Protect Its Interests in Africa and the Americas

Chinese engagement in Africa is becoming an increasingly popular topic of conversation on Capitol Hill among U.S. lawmakers who, raised the issue again last week during testimony by Lieutenant General Scott Berrier, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. During a Q&A session with Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, General ...

The Top Commander for U.S. Forces in Africa Tries to Make the Case For Why Americans Should Care About the Continent (Hint: It Has Something to do With China)

Army General Stephen J. Townsend (photo), the top commander for U.S. forces in Africa (AFRICOM), really wants Americans to pay more attention to what's going on in Africa. "China and Russia don't ignore Africa, and that alone should say something," he said. ...

The U.S., China, Russia, and the UAE All Competing For Greater Access to Sudan’s Red Sea Ports

TWEET TRANSLATION:I am honored to welcome the USS Winston Churchill in Port Sudan. This historic visit shows the United States' support for the democratic transition in Sudan and our desire for a new era of cooperation and partnership with Sudan -- Brian Shukan, U.S. ...

China’s Vaccine Distribution Campaign Now Extends to the Military With PLA Donation to the Philippines Army

The Philippines Army began inoculations of its forces this week using a batch of Sinovac COVID-19 jabs donated by the People's Liberation Army. So far, the PLA's vaccine donations have been confined to Asia where it's also given to armed forces in Pakistan, Cambodia, and Mongolia.

The 5 Chinese Weapons Manufacturers You Should Know About

China is now among the world's top five largest arms exporting countries alongside the U.S., Germany, France and Russia, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) annual report on global weapons sales. Although China's becoming an increasingly important actor ...
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