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Chinese News Outlet Fact Checks Claim That Chinese Mining Company Unduly Evicted Zimbabweans From Their Ancestral Land

The increasingly contentious dispute in Zimbabwe over the behavior of Chinese mining companies is now getting noticed back in China, where the popular online news site The published a detailed fact check report on some of the allegations against Chinese mining companies.

The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe Rallies to Defend Chinese Businesses in Worsening Stand-off With Civil Society Groups

The Chinese embassy in Harare stepped up on Monday to defend Chinese businesses, mostly in the mining sector, against accusations of environmental and social abuse made by a coalition of 27 civil society organizations (CSOs).

Investigating Chinese Corruption in the DRC Linked to the “Deal of the Century”

China's role in the landmark Congo-Hold Up corruption scandal was relatively small compared to those of other actors that were found to have funneled millions of dollars to former Congolese president Joseph Kabila and his associates. Nonetheless, investigators found that Chinese ...

Small-scale Miners in Northeastern DR Congo Protest Against Chinese Mining Companies’ Use of Heavy Machinery

Protests erupted this week in the far northeastern Congolese province of Haut-Uélé where small-scale miners rallied against the growing presence of Chinese mining companies in the region. The marchers, mostly young men, are upset about how Chinese mining companies are using large ...

Days Later, The Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe is Still Fuming Over Guardian Report

For the second day in a row, the Chinese embassy in Zimbabwe took to Twitter to push back, albeit indirectly, at The Guardian (UK) for a report that alleged Chinese mining company Jingding had forcibly evicted residents to make way for a new mine.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

The Big Chill

Over the last few years, we’ve seen increasing hand-wringing in Western capitals about how the money China is spending in the Global South translates into direct political influence. This week research was published that quantifies the issue.

A new report by Foreign Policy Research Institute tracked how increased Chinese spending (both loans and foreign direct investment) in African countries aligns with those countries’ voting in the United Nations General Assembly ...

Brace Yourself, You’re Going to be Inundated With Pictures of Chinese Infrastructure in the DRC

Now that the contentious contract disputes between the DRC government and the major Chinese mining companies appear to be settling, at least for now, expect to see a torrent of paid media, tweets, and countless propaganda stories extolling the merits of China's infrastructure-for-resource deals. ...

The Social Media Managers Who Run Chinese Diplomatic Twitter Accounts in Africa Are Getting More Creative

The Chinese social media manager who runs the embassy Twitter account in Harare had a bit of fun playing on the word "Guardian" in their denunciation of a recent Guardian (UK) report that alleged forced evictions of residents in Zimbabwean mining zones managed by ...

Was a Chinese Mine in the DR Congo Looted After the President Paid a Visit? The Mining Minister Says No, But Video Says Otherwise

The DR Congo's Mining Minister Antoinette N'samba is trying to quell accusations that the Chinese-owned Anhui Mining Investment Company (SACIM) was ransacked by looters last week after she and President Félix Tshisekedi visited the facility in the central Kasai Oriental province. Soon after ...

Why This Photo May Indicate That China’s Mining Contracts Problem in the DR Congo Has Been Resolved

DR Congo President Félix Tshisekedi's office published a photo of a Christmas Eve meeting with Sun Ruiwen, president of China Molybdenum (aka "China Moly.") The company controls the massive Tenke Fungurume cobalt and copper mine (TFM) in Lualaba province. Sun reportedly reassured President ...

Chinese Involvement in the “Congo Hold-Up” Corruption Scandal

19 media outlets together with five NGOs in the U.S. and Europe pored through 3.5 million leaked documents from a Gabonese bank to produce Congo Hold-Up, a landmark report that detailed breathtaking corruption in the DR Congo during ...
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