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China’s Most Aggressive Foreign Ministry Spokesman Delicately Brushes Back Criticisms of Chinese Mining Companies in the DRC

The DR Congo government's move to review some of the multi-billion Chinese mining contracts surfaced as a topic on Monday at the Foreign Ministry's regular press briefing in Beijing where the often outspoken, sharp-tongued spokesman Zhao Lijian delicately addressed the issue.

Pressure From the Government & IMF Mounting on Chinese Mining Companies in the DRC

DR Congo President Félix Tshisekedi is again turning up the pressure on Chinese mining companies with his drive to re-evaluate mining contracts that were negotiated under his predecessor's tenure. During a Council of Ministers meeting on Friday, ...

Hichilema Calls For Mining Policy Review But Stays Mum on the Chinese

Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema (photo) called for a review of the country's mining policies on Friday in his first address to parliament since he assumed office last month. But for now, he's not proposing a Congolese-style review of foreign ...

China and the High Stakes Showdown in the DR Congo

Chinese mining bosses for years played the game as everyone else in the DR Congo. Money pretty much solved every problem. Need a permit? Pay some money. Get in trouble with the law? Pay some money. Under-counting cobalt reserves? Pay some money.

Video Appears of 9 Chinese Miners Arrested For Illegally Mining in Congo’s Far Eastern Ituri Province

The far eastern province of Ituri is emerging as one of the major hubs of illegal Chinese mining in the DR Congo where an unknown number of Chinese migrants and companies are operating without permits. A

Guinea Coup Leader Calls For Mines to Continue Operating, Chalco and Other Chinese Mining Firms Report No Disruptions

London metal traders will be keeping a close eye on the price of aluminum today after it moved higher on Monday following this weekend's coup in Guinea, one of the world's largest producers of bauxite -- a key aluminum ingredient.  Soon ...

Why What Happens in Guinea Matters to China

Guinea may be small and far away, but what happens there is critically important to metals manufacturers in China who depend on key ingredients from this West African country to produce huge quantities of aluminum and, eventually, steel. BAUXITE: China relies ...

China’s Improbable Resource Bonanza in Afghanistan

By Lukas Fiala and Hugo Jones, China Foresight LSE IDEAS Over the past week, the crisis in Afghanistan continued to push all else to the periphery. China and Russia abstained from a United Nations Security Council resolution requiring the Taliban ...

Chinese EV Battery Makers Push New Cobalt-Free Power Packs

Two seemingly contradictory trends are underway in China's electric vehicle battery market. On the one hand, there's a greater push to import ever-larger quantities of cobalt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At the same time, there are also rapid moves to develop ...

Chinese Government Also Investigating Allegations of Environmental Abuse by 6 Chinese Mining Companies in DRC’s South Kivu

The six Chinese companies that are now under investigation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for environmental violations in eastern South Kivu province have also caught the attention of the Chinese government. Beijing's top diplomat for sub-Saharan Africa, Wu Peng, 
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