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25 “Massive” Illegal Chinese Gold Mines Discovered in a Remote Region of Sierra Leone

A group of unknown Chinese entities has reportedly been operating a large-scale illegal gold mining operation in one of the poorest and most remote regions of eastern Sierra Leone, according to an investigative report published in Sunday's edition of the Sierra Leone Telegraph newspaper. ...

As Much as China Probably Wants to Shift Its Iron Ore Buys From Australia to Africa, It Won’t Happen Soon

There's been a lot of discussion over the past year about China's desire to eliminate its dependence on Australian iron ore in favour of supplies from countries like Guinea, Algeria, South Africa and Brazil among others. China has been steadily trying ...

#PRNightmare: Rap Superstar Snoop Dogg Posted the Video of a Chinese Employee Attacking Safety Inspectors in Sierra Leone

The video of that Chinese employee of the China Railway Seventh Group who attacked a group of safety inspectors at the Tonkolili iron ore mine in Sierra Leone went mega-viral this weekend after rap superstar Snoop Dogg shared the video with his 61 million Instagram followers.

Apparently, It’s All Good Now Between That Sierra Leonian Safety Inspector and the Chinese Employee Who Attacked Him

In a surprising twist to the story of that fight caught on video at the Tonkolili iron ore mine last week, the assailant and victim have seemingly reconciled. In what seems like a very awkward exchange, they are ...

Ghanaian Wife of Deported Chinese Miner Pleads For High Court to Reconsider Its Verdict

The 27-year old wife (photo) of one of the four Chinese miners who was sentenced this week for illegal mining, immigration violations and weapons charges is pleading with the High Court in the southern Ghanaian city of Kumasi to reverse its decision to deport her husband.

In What Could Be Bad News From the DR Congo, the Cobalt-Free EV Battery May Happen Much Sooner Than We Thought

The world's leading automakers are making much faster progress than anticipated in moving away from electric vehicle batteries that contain cobalt. VW, Tesla, and the Chinese EV giant BYD (the world's second-largest EV maker) have all either developed new cobalt-free batteries or are in late-stage development.

Electric Vehicles’ Politically Charged Global Supply Chain

As EVs become more popular, the politics to secure the resources necessary to power these vehicles are going to become a lot more complex. This is because of how globally dispersed the supply chains are for the key minerals and metals.

Ghana AG: Chinese Nationals Arrested for Illegal Mining Will Not Be Deported and Will Instead Do Prison Time in Ghana

Ghanaian Attorney General Godfred Dame announced that military forces acting as part of the ongoing crackdown on illegal gold mining known as "galamsey" have detained 45 people, including 10 Chinese nationals. 400 troops from the Army, ...

This Picture Should Be Quite Worrying to Every Australian Politician

Colin Ding, president of the Chinese mining company Kingho Energy Group, paid a visit to the State House in Freetown on Tuesday to meet with President Julius Maada Bio about the company's new port and rail lease agreements that will be used to ramp up iron ...

Even If the DRC is Able To Re-Negotiate Its Mining Contracts With The Chinese and Others, It’s Still Not Going to Help Ordinary People, Says Expert

A leading Congolese mining expert wants to dispel the notion that President Félix Tshisekedi's efforts to renegotiate foreign mining contracts is going to benefit ordinary people. "It is, of course, a first step," acknowledged Jean Pierre Okenda, a well-known expert in DRC mining issues and head of the extractive ...
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