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Welcome to the New Era of China-Africa Relations

China's apparent decision to bail on financing the $2.8 billion AKK pipeline in Nigeria is the latest evidence that Beijing's strategy to engage the continent has changed, a lot. This pipeline is now the third major project in Nigeria ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Reading the Smoke

As things slowly settle down in South Africa after the last ruinous week, the debates about who’s really to blame are catching fire. It’s now being called an insurrection attempt, and President Ramaphosa has referred to those responsible for fueling the protests as ‘enemies of democracy.’ One of the problems underlying the current crisis is that he’s both right and wrong. South Africa is indeed, as Ramaphosa called it, a ‘hard-fought-for democracy.’ ...

Can BRI and B3W Co-Exist in Africa?

The Group of 7 countries recently announced a rival to China's Belt and Road Initiative. Their new Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative has prompted widespread discussion of the implications for developing regions that are desperate for new sources of capital to build infrastructure. ...

Scholar: G7’s B3W is Just a Bad Copy of China’s Belt and Road

It's been a month since the G7 unveiled its new "Build Back Better World" (B3W) initiative that aims to rival China's Belt and Road Initiative by providing an alternative source of infrastructure development financing that is presumably more transparent and sustainable. So far, ...

Leading Development Experts Try to Decipher the B3W and Whether It Can Present a Viable Alternative to China’s BRI

There's been a lot of discussion since the Group of 7 countries announced the creation of the new Build Back Better World (B3W) initiative. It is nominally intended to help developing countries build badly-needed infrastructure. But B3W also includes an underlying political objective: presenting an alternative, some ...

Tanzania President Hassan is Talking to the Chinese Again About a Port Deal in Bagamoyo. But She Might Be Too Late.

Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan took everyone by surprise late last week when she announced that long-stalled talks with China about expanding the port of Bagamoyo are being resumed. Negotiations over a multi-billion dollar port deal with China Merchant Holdings (CMH) famously ...

Many in U.S. & Europe Think China’s Belt and Road is Slowing Down. Leading Chinese Development Scholars Says They’re Looking at the Wrong Data.

Leading U.S. think tanks including CSIS and international media outlets like the Financial Times have settled on a narrative that the sharp reduction in Chinese overseas development lending provides the clearest evidence to date that China's Belt and Road Initiative is "pulling back" ...

Report: The Belt and Road Is Becoming Greener as China Backs Away From Financing Coal Power Projects

China has a well-deserved reputation for being the financier of choice for coal-powered energy projects around the world. While many other development finance agencies have backed away in recent years from underwriting heavily polluting power plants, China seemingly went the other way.

Two Competing Views of the G7’s B3W vs. China’s BRI

It's been almost a week since the G7 announced its new U.S.-inspired Build Back Better World initiative that aims to channel private capital to build infrastructure in developing countries as part of a broader effort to stem China's influence in this arena.

Alex Lo: Why China, Not the G7 is Setting the Global Agenda

Now that analysts and observers have had a few days to digest last weekend's announcements from the G7 summit in Cornwall, England, there's a growing sense that outcomes from the club of rich democracies did not rise to the challenges of the moment, specifically in their effort ...

Amid Rising Instability in a Growing Number of African Countries, the Question of Whether China Will Remain Engaged Looms

One of the original China in Africa memes that still endures today among many people on the continent is that the "Chinese want to colonize Africa" and want to "invade" the continent using a mix of debt traps, trade dependency, and immigration.

Chinese News and Social Media Commentary Largely Dismiss G7’s Plans to Challenge BRI and Vaccine Distribution

After a flurry of announcements at the end of the three-day G7 summit in Cornwall, observers around the world spent Monday digesting the communiqué, various government fact sheets, and news coverage to try and piece together what it all means.  China, ...
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