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Belt & Road and Vaccines Emerge as New Chinese Vectors to Bend the International Order to Its Will, Warns New U.S. Intelligence Report

China's push for "global power" emerged as the top threat to the United States using initiatives including the Belt & Road Initiative and COVID-19 vaccine distribution emerged as the top threat facing the United States, according to an important annual intelligence assessment released on ...

CSIS’s Judd Devermont Has Two Recommendations For How the U.S. Should Meet the Challenge of China’s BRI in Africa

Judd Devermont is the Africa Program Director at the Center for Strategic Studies, one of Washington's most influential think tanks, and recently spoke with Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, Director of Research from the German Marshall Fund about how to "re-imagine U.S.-Africa policy."

Building an Alternate BRI Will be High on Japanese PM Suga’s Agenda When He Meets With Biden on Friday in DC

The Japanese Prime Minister's office is indicating that infrastructure and building an alternative to China's Belt and Road Initiative will be high on the agenda when Yoshihide Suga visits Washington on Friday for talks with U.S. President Joe Biden.

U.S. Senate Proposal to Fund “Independent Media” to Report “Negative Impact” of BRI in Developing Countries Generates Some Giggles in Washington

The United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee wants to give a lot of money to local media in BRI member countries "to raise awareness of and increase transparency regarding the negative impact of activities related to the Belt and Road Initiative." 

U.S. Is Apparently Determined to See if It Can Build a “Belt & Road Alternative.” Biden to Discuss With Suga Next Week in DC.

U.S. President Joe Biden appears increasingly determined for the U.S. to rally allies in Europe and Asia to develop a rival to China's Belt and Road Initiative. The issue will reportedly be on the agenda next week when Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is scheduled to meet with ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

The Tesla-fication of Vaccines

175 former heads of state, Nobel Prize winners and other illustrious eminences added their support to the call for the U.S. government to mandate a relaxing of intellectual property laws to allow countries in the Global South to mass-produce vaccines without fear of being sued. One of the more revealing details in this discussion is that the mechanism for countries to use a health emergency to momentarily suspend intellectual property rights already exists ...

What Will it Take to Realize Biden’s Vision of an Alternative BRI?

U.S. President Joe Biden's commitment to rolling out infrastructure domestically and internationally is setting up a fascinating race with China.  After years of withdrawing from multilateral cooperation and refusing to engage with the realities of climate change, the current push raises ...

Council on Foreign Relations Report: U.S. “Inaction” and “Withdrawal” Bolstered China’s BRI

A group of scholars at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York published a critical report today that attributes U.S. "inaction" and "withdrawal" for creating a vacuum in the international arena that China filled with its Belt and Road Initiative.  The authors detailed how ...

U.S., European Claims That the BRI Is in Trouble Are Way Overblown, Says Prominent Chinese Scholar

The sharp drop in Chinese overseas development finance lending documented by Boston University's Center for Global Policy Development among others has prompted critics of Beijing's Belt and Initiative in the United States and Europe to suggest that the massive global trade agenda is in trouble. 

New Map of the Belt & Road Reveals a Much More Intricate Chinese Trading Network

A trio of scholars in China recently published an academic paper in the Journal of Contemporary China that included a much more detailed map of China's Belt & Road trade routes in Asia than previously available. One of the ...

China’s Risky “Build It and They Will Come” Development Strategy

There's widespread speculation that Chinese financial support for its hugely ambitious Belt and Road Initiative may be waning due to the current economic crisis and the desire among senior Chinese policymakers to focus more attention on the domestic front. ...
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