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China, Africa and the Internet, Again

The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa recently discussed African elections and, not surprisingly, the conversation became about China.  The lawmakers latched on to a narrative that the Chinese Communist Party is actively trying to ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China, Africa and the Internet, Again

The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa recently discussed African elections and, not surprisingly, the conversation became about China. 

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Chinese EV Technology Powers New Green Bike and Bus Projects in East Africa

Two projects in East Africa highlight China's growing role in the region's electric transportation sector: KENYA: The Shenzhen Shenling Car Company Limited donated 49 electrified motorbikes for a new pilot project to replace gas-powered boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) in Nairobi. 

China Becomes a Major Focus in U.S. House Hearing About Elections in Africa

China emerged as a prominent theme at a virtual hearing on Tuesday convened by the U.S. House of Representatives's foreign affairs subcommittee on Africa to discuss what the U.S. can do to better support democracy and elections in Africa. Lawmakers from both parties expressed concern about the ...

WSJ Report Provides Clearest Overview to Date of China’s Vaccine Logistics Operation That’s Taking Shape in Africa

A trio of Wall Street Journal reporters in Asia and Africa have compiled what is the most detailed report of China's burgeoning vaccine logistics and distribution operation that's now ramping up from hubs in Ethiopia and Dubai among other places.  Last ...

UAE PM Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Tweets in Chinese to Congratulate Xi Jinping on Mars Mission

It's rare for the head of a foreign state to tweet in Chinese, but today the UAE's Sheikh Mohammed congratulated China, and President Xi Jinping specifically, on the Tianwen-1 spacecraft joining the Emirates' own Hope Probe in its orbit around Mars. ...

Trump Administration Slaps New Sanctions on Huawei, Potentially Creating Huge Problems For African Telcos

The U.S. government informed a number of key suppliers of Huawei, including chip giant Intel, that it's revoking certain licenses to sell equipment to the Chinese telecom giant. Neither Huawei nor Intel have commented on the move and the U.S. Commerce Department 

The Huawei Fuss and Implications For Africa’s Cyber Security

The last decade has seen unprecedented advances in technology, from machine learning used to forecast patient health outcomes to renewable energy and biofuels adopted across a range of advanced, emerging, and developing market economies. While there is much bluster about machine learning, robotics, and data science, 5G ...

Analysts: Why in The World Would the U.S. Want to Pay Off Ecuador’s Huawei Loans?

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation recently signed what it called a "novel model" with Ecuador to help pay off billions of dollars of the South American country's loans to China that were used to buy Huawei equipment. In exchange, Washington received assurances that Quito will ban ...

In a Surprise Move, Kenya’s Safaricom Suspends Its Huawei-Powered 5G Roll Out

Kenya's largest telecom operator, Safaricom, announced on Tuesday that it will suspend deployment of its new Huawei-powered fifth-generation (5G) mobile network. The news came as a surprise to many, given that the company has already completed testing and trials of the new network's high-speed ...

Safaricom’s Decision to Suspend Its Huawei-Powered 5G Network is Just a Business Story

It's going to be very tempting for a lot of people in Washington, D.C. to read the news that Kenya's leading telco, Safaricom, suspended the rollout of its new Huawei-powered 5G network as evidence that the company finally came to its senses about the dangers of using ...

While Wang Yi is in Town, Nigeria FM Also Meets With Huawei Delegation

Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama met with a visiting delegation from the local office of the Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei on Monday, the same day that he also welcomed visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Abuja.
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