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Human Rights Watch’s Africa Advocacy Director Can’t Understand Why African Leaders Are “Shielding China Over Xinjiang”

Human Rights Watch Africa Advocacy Director Carine Kaneza Nantulya is puzzled as to why African governments are not doing anything to confront China on the mass internment of Uyghur minorities in Xinjiang. She noted in a post on Monday that it's especially ironic that African ...

China Cranks Up the Campaign to Lobby African Stakeholders on Xinjiang

With Xinjiang now emerging as a core dividing issue in the increasingly acrimonious U.S.-China relationship, it appears that Beijing is leaning even more on its ties in Africa and other parts of the Global South as part of an effort to build a coalition ...

Some African Governments Can’t Have it Both Ways

African governments and multilateral institutions frequently say that they want no part of any new so-called "Cold War" between the U.S. and China. Leaders in those organizations are very quick to remind everyone that they remember the last time Africa got swept up in a Great Power ...

Chinese Embassy in Burkina Faso Admonishes Hiker and Tells Him to Go Home

The Chinese embassy in Burkina Faso took the rare step of issuing a public statement on its website that called on 26-year-old hiker Lu Jiabin to give up his mission to cross the entire African continent by foot and go home.

Coronavirus May Cost Some African Leaders Re-election

The coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan sparked an intense global conversation on health implications. Governments of developed nations responded quickly by putting measures in place to avert an outbreak, though they have not been so successful at that. In so doing, the world wondered how Africa would cope, ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

The Tesla-fication of Vaccines

175 former heads of state, Nobel Prize winners and other illustrious eminences added their support to the call for the U.S. government to mandate a relaxing of intellectual property laws to allow countries in the Global South to mass-produce vaccines without fear of being sued. One of the more revealing details in this discussion is that the mechanism for countries to use a health emergency to momentarily suspend intellectual property rights already exists ...