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Nigeria is Right to be Worried About the Wuhan Coronavirus

Nigeria Center for Disease Control Director General Chikwe Ihekweazu is doing his best to reassure constituents that his team is closely following the spread of the deadly coronavirus in China and monitoring to see if it makes its way all the over to Nigeria.

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s Annual Mystery Tour of Africa

What a snapshot of
this moment in foreign policy: as China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi embarks this
week on his annual tour of African countries, the Pentagon is publicly disagreeing with U.S. President Trump about exactly which
Iranian sites might be targeted in possible airstrikes.

On the surface, the two don’t seem to have very much in common. After all, the China-Africa relationship and that between ...

One of the Largest Right-Wing Websites in the U.S. Now Has a Newfound Interest in China-Africa Issues

Editors at the conservative U.S. website Breitbart have recently started to regularly publish China-Africa-related stories in what appears to be part of a new focus on posting stories critical of Chinese engagement around the world. With an estimated

If You Aren’t Following The Chinese Consulate in Johannesburg’s Twitter Feed, You’re Missing Something Very Entertaining

The Chinese diplomatic corps in Africa is new to Twitter with most of their new accounts coming online within just the past few months. While the majority of those feeds are filled with the standard diplomatic posts that one expects from an official Twitter account, the Twitter ...

Zimbabwe Takes Delivery of Used B777 With Hopes to Launch New Direct Flights to China

A Boeing 777 from Kuala Lumpur landed at the Robert Mugabe International Airport in Harare this week and brought with it the hope that Zimbabwe can revive its national flag carrier Air Zimbabwe. This is the first of two 777-200s that Zimbabwe purchased for $16.5 million apiece ...

So the UK Now Wants to Compete With China in Africa. Here’s What They’ll Need to Do

15 African heads of state were in London yesterday for the inaugural UK-Africa Investment Summit that was hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Harry. Like so many other "Africa Summits" in Russia, Japan, Turkey, and India among other places, China, although rarely mentioned, loomed large ...

AFRICOM: While the U.S. Wants to Partner with African Governments to Fight Terrorism, China Instead Just Sells Weapons

To say that the U.S. Military Command for Africa (AFRICOM) does not think highly of China's engagement on the continent would be putting it mildly. In an article published today in Military Times, AFRICOM commanders are outright dismissive of the Chinese ...

A Lawyer’s Perspective on What’s Ahead This Year for Two Controversial Chinese Bauxite Mining Deals in West Africa

University of Maryland legal scholar Zhang Jingjing is one of the world's leading experts on outbound Chinese investment, particularly involving cases that have serious environmental consequences. Over the years, she's been closely following developments in Guinea where Societe Miniere de Boke (SMB), a Singaporean/Chinese consortium, has a ...

Kenya Looks Beyond China for New Sources of Development Finance

Since the new year, Kenya has taken some rather bold steps to reduce its borrowing costs and ensure that new loans are "fairly priced." The Treasury is seeking to refinance large portions of its current debt that's priced at commercial rates into more affordable concessionary loans. Separately, ...

This Chart Explains Why the U.S. Seems Increasingly Disengaged From Africa

This chart that measures African trade clearly explains why there's so little interest in the United States about fostering closer ties with Africa. The U.S. trading relationship peaked in 2011 and since then has been on a steady, potentially irreversible ...

Ethiopian Airways Set to Start Three New Direct Flights to China in 2020

Africa's leading national flag carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, is in the final stages of regulatory approval to launch a trio of new direct routes between its hub in Addis Ababa and major Chinese trading cities. Once it receives the go-ahead from the ...

How China Finances All That Infrastructure Construction in Africa is Starting to Change. Here’s How.

For several years now, as debt levels in a number of African countries have risen to alarming heights, Chinese and African officials have reportedly been looking for new ways to evolve the traditional resource-for-infrastructure (RFI) deals that critics on both sides of this relationship contend saddles African ...
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