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Assessing China’s “Corona Diplomacy” in Africa

Even though China spends considerably less than the U.S. and Europeans on public health assistance in Africa, Beijing is seemingly dominating the narrative with its high profile donations of food, PPE, and medical missions.

Deborah Brautigam: Don’t Expect China to Cancel Africa’s Debts, They’ll Probably Just Reschedule Them

So long as there's no official word from the Chinese government as to how they specifically plan to address the $150 billion of outstanding debts that African governments owe Bejing, everyone's speculating as to how they'll likely proceed. Professor Deborah Brautigam, ...

African Countries Sign on To Global Inquiry Into COVID-19 Origin

All African countries under the banner "The African Group and its Members States" are now part of a group of 110 countries who signed a World Health Organization draft resolution on Monday that calls for an inquiry into the origin of COVID-19.

Evan Feigenbaum: U.S. Making a Strategic Mistake in Challenging WHO Just as China Announces New COVID-19 Measures

Evan Feigenbaum, vice president of the Carnegie Endowment and a leading foreign affairs commentator in the United States, said the timing of President Donald Trump's threat to permanently defund the World Health Organization just as China is stepping up support for ...

Africa Emerges as a Key Theme in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Address to World Health Assembly

Chinese support for Africa and other developing regions around the world emerged as a key message point in President Xi Jinping's Monday address to the World Health Assembly (WHA) meeting. The WHA is the World Health Organization's governing forum, made up of health ministers. The president spoke ...

In These Polarized Times, Talking About China is Not Easy

University of London Ph.D. candidate Li Hangwei commiserated on Twitter with Stanford University Political Science Professor Yiqing Xu about the perils of talking about China, both on social media and when conducting research. Both scholars noted how they're stuck in between being pro-CCP "Panda Huggers" ...

CGTN Creates New Facebook Page to Promote Ongoing Chinese COVID-19 Medical Mission to Algeria

China's international television network CGTN is experimenting with new ways to promote China's COVID-19 medical deployment in Africa. The mission that's now underway in Algeria, with 20 medical professionals who will be there for two weeks, is being covered at every stage of the ...

In Xi-Ramaphosa Call the Chinese President Gently Reminds His South African Counterpart About Taiwan and Beijing’s “Core Interests”

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke by phone on Friday with his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa. The bulk of the discussion, according to a summary published by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was what one would expect:

Chinese NGOs in Africa are New and Making Some Mistakes but They’re Learning Fast

“Chinese embassy staffs in local countries said we are a non-governmental organization and won’t help us with anything, while many local NGOs and journalists see us as some kind of ‘Chinese government propaganda’ and they’re very rude towards us. It’s so difficult,” said Ms. Zhang, a 50-year-old ...

How China’s Technology Startups Are Scaling Across Africa

Computer Village in Lagos, Nigeria is a curious combination of old and new. Dirt roads are lined by hundreds of kiosks featuring the latest mobile phones and computers. Hawkers and criers call out deals at the entrance to both bric-a-brac sheet ...
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