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2+ Months Into the COVID-19 Economic Crisis in Africa and Still No Word on Debt Relief

It's been more than two months since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed warned in a letter to G20 leaders that African countries face an "existential threat" from the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. Since ...

Why the Sengwa Coal Plant in Zimbabwe Will Probably be China’s Last Mega Deal in Africa For a Very Long Time

China and Zimbabwe are moving forward with a massive new $3 billion coal power plant in the northern city of Sengwa. When complete, the new plant will generate 2800 megawatts of power and could singlehandedly erase the power deficit that's crippling the country.

It’s True That a Lot of People Around the World Don’t Like China Very Much Right Now. I Know How to Change That.

As a Chinese person who's traveled around the world, including many parts of Africa, I can clearly see just how provincial most of my fellow Chinese are about the outside world. And, regrettably, that is partially to blame for many of the current difficulties we're facing.

China’s Oil Imports from Angola Continue Recovery

Angola was China’s fifth top crude oil supplier in April, customs data showed, with imports rising 23.8% from the same month a year earlier. In the first four months of 2020, Chinese imports from Angola are still negative, despite the recovery. ...

Skepticism About The Heritage Foundation’s Recent Report on Alleged Chinese Spying in Africa

China's political attaché at its embassy in Lesotho echoed doubts raised by journalism fellow Thuso Mosabala about the lack of on-the-record sourcing in The Heritage Foundation's recent report "Government Buildings in Africa Are a Likely Vector for Chinese Spying" by analyst Josh Meservey. ...

Why Does Nigerian Representative Ben Rollands Igbakpa Want to Review Almost 20 Years of Loans From China?

Earlier this month, on May 13, Nigerian representative Ben Rollands Igbakpa introduced a motion that was passed by the House calling for an investigation into all of the country's loans from China dating back to 2000. Representative Igbakpa ...

China to Finance and Build a Massive New Coal Power Plant in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean government announced last month that construction of the new $3 billion Sengwa coal power plant will proceed after years of negotiation. The new 2,800 megawatt plant will be a joint effort between ...

Chinese Workers in Angola Stage Protest to Go Home

University of London PhD candidate Hangwei Li shared an image of a small group of Chinese workers protesting outside of the Chinese embassy in Angola where they called on the government for help to send them home. Li explained ...

KTN’s Mike Gitonga: “The SGR Has Had Scandals Right From the Word Go”

KTN News presenter Mike Gitonga discussed The Standard's reporting on the escalating SGR scandal in his morning "Press Review" segment on Monday.  Gigtonga cited years of "fraud" and "malpractice" allegedly committed by the Chinese operator CRBC and its subsidiary AfriStar.

Kenya Railways Dismisses Efforts to Cancel Contract With the Company’s Chinese Partner

Kenya Railways downplayed reports that it will be forced to cancel its contract with the Chinese-run AfriStar, a subsidiary of the Chinese state-owned enterprise China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), that currently operates the country's Standard Gauge Railway, according to The Standard newspaper.
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