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Chinese EV Battery Makers Push New Cobalt-Free Power Packs

Two seemingly contradictory trends are underway in China's electric vehicle battery market. On the one hand, there's a greater push to import ever-larger quantities of cobalt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. At the same time, there are also rapid moves to develop ...

Chinese Government Also Investigating Allegations of Environmental Abuse by 6 Chinese Mining Companies in DRC’s South Kivu

The six Chinese companies that are now under investigation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for environmental violations in eastern South Kivu province have also caught the attention of the Chinese government. Beijing's top diplomat for sub-Saharan Africa, Wu Peng, 

The DR Congo Government Now Has Sicomines in its Sights as the Investigation Into Chinese Mining Contracts Advances

The Congolese government started its review of Chinese mining contracts trying to land a big fish, by launching a commission to investigate China Molybdenum's massive Tenke Fungurume (TFM) cobalt and copper mine in southern Lualaba Province. Now, the government ...

China’s Ambassador to the DRC Tries to Calm Tensions in Meeting With Mining Minister

Chinese ambassador to the DR Congo, Zhu Jing, paid a visit on Friday to Minister of Mines N'samba Kalambayi in an effort to calm rising tensions over videos depicting abuse of local employees, illegal mining activity and environmental ...

In Characteristically Bombastic Fashion, PRC Embassy Says Chinese Companies in the DRC Are the Victims of “Rumors and Slander”

The Chinese embassy in Kinshasa rallied to the defense of its embattled mining companies in the DRC, blaming recent controversies on "individuals who have fabricated stories and spread false information to attack and denigrate, without scruple and without any foundation, Chinese companies to incite hostility."

Q&A: Why Now? The Domestic Politics Driving the DRC’s Review of Chinese Mining Contracts

Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi is fulfilling the promise he made last May to investigate foreign mining contracts to ensure they are fair and equitable. While the President did not single out the Chinese specifically, they're no doubt going to be disproportionately impacted given their outsized role in ...

Chinese Mining Giant Denies Media Reports Its Mining Contracts in the DRC Are Under Investigation

China Molybdenum Co. (aka China Moly), the world's second-largest copper and cobalt mining company, has denied reports that its contracts for the massive Tenke Fungurume Mine (TFM) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are now under review by the government in Kinshasa. There is no "so-called investigation," 

WeChat Currency Scams Are Widespread Within the Chinese Expat Population in Africa

Last week we told you about how Chinese expatriates in Ghana were getting scammed by fraudsters posing as currency exchange dealers on WeChat. Now, victims of similar schemes from the Chinese diaspora in other African countries are gathering on various WeChat forums to share how ...

Tshisekedi Keeps Promise to Re-Negotiate Foreign Mining Contracts, Launches Investigation Into China Moly

DR Congo President Félix Tshisekedi is following through with his promise to review all foreign mining contracts, mostly with Chinese companies, to evaluate whether the deals that were struck during his predecessor's tenure are equitable.

Sino-Congolese Mining Venture Sicomines Launches Conveniently Timed Social Development Program

The Sino-Congolese mining company Sicomines held a signing ceremony on Saturday for one of its largest community development initiatives in the joint venture's 14-year history. The company will spend almost $12 million to upgrade the infrastructure and provide development assistance to local communities around its ...
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