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Egypt is the Newest Front in the U.S.-China Battle Over Huawei and Chinese Tech in Africa

The United States brought its campaign against Huawei to Egypt as part of a global effort to promote Washington's new "Clean Network" initiative that aims to build an alternative to China's dominance in the international telecom networking market. ...

Let’s Call It… China’s Won the Vaccine Diplomacy Contest

The White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows admitted this weekend what many of us have known for a long time: that the United States has all but given up in the fight against COVID-19. “We’re not going to control the pandemic,” Meadows told CNN's ...

A New Chinese-Built Egyptian Capital is Rising Out of the Sand Near Cairo

Egypt's new administrative capital located 45 kilometers outside of the current capital in Cairo is now taking shape and with towers rising from the barren, sandy landscape. The project's being built and financed by the state-owned construction giant China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC).

Amazingly, China’s Trade With Egypt Actually Increased This Year

While China's trade with Africa fell by almost 20% in the first half of the year, two-way trade with Egypt actually increased compared to the same time last year, according to new data from the Chinese embassy in Cairo.

Join a Virtual “Open Day” Tour of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital Hosted by Chinese Construction Company’s Odd Mascot

China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) held a virtual "Open Day" (kind of like an open house) for everyone to see how the construction of the new Egyptian administrative capital is coming along. It's an interesting video just ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

It’s Not All Gloomy

The last few weeks have been marked by a pervasive gloominess about Africa’s future. 

As Zambia was defaulting on its Eurobond debt, the G20 was praising itself effusively for coming up with a debt response unlikely to help anyone. Meanwhile, the depressing talking points kept coming: a lost decade, 25 years of growth down the drain, millions pushed back into extreme poverty. 

These are all realities. However, they might not show the entire ...

China’s Controversial Territorial Issues Gain Prominence in Beijing Diplomatic Engagement With African Stakeholders

China's territorial issues related to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, and the South China Sea are becoming increasingly prominent topics of discussion when Chinese ambassadors engage with African governments and media. While these so-called "core interests" have always been a part of ...

New Paper: The Role of China in the Middle East and North Africa. Beyond Economic Interests?

The European think tank network EuroMeSCo (the Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission) published one of the year's most extensive analyses of China's growing influence throughout the Middle East and North African regions with extensions into the Persian Gulf. The 109-page report ...

As Tensions Rise Among China’s Partners Along the Blue Nile, Beijing’s Nowhere to be Found

Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy confirmed last week that his country has filled the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) across the Blue Nile with an initial 4.9 billion cubic meters of water that he claims is needed for both power generation and domestic and agricultural use. ...

Will China Repay Its Debt to Africa?

China has led a surprisingly effective, low-key campaign to lead mid-tier agencies at international organizations. At the United Nations, Chinese nationals now lead five of the 15 specialized agencies: the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Telecommunication Union, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the U.N. Department for Economic ...

Chinese, Arab Foreign Ministers Wrap Up Uneventful Low Key Forum

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi met on Monday with his counterparts from North Africa, the Mideast, and the Gulf for a surprisingly low-key online ministerial conference. The 9th ministerial meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, comparable to the Forum on China Africa Cooperation, was co-hosted by Jordanian ...
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