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Vaccines and the Changing International Order

The Chief Reporter for Germany's state broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Miodrag Soric, can't believe what he's seeing. China is turning the battle for access to COVID-19 vaccines into a tremendous soft power win in the Global South -- and they're doing it at the expense of the West!

European Analysts Become Increasingly Worried About Geopolitical Consequences of China’s Global Vaccine Pu

European international relations scholars are expressing mounting concern over the long-term geopolitical consequences of China's assertive campaign to provide developing countries with COVID-19 vaccines. It's clear the European foreign policy establishment, both analysts and in the media, seem to regard Chinese ...

New Allegations That China Spied on the AU Spark a Flashback to Similar Accusations in 2018

Reuters' exclusive report that suspected Chinese hackers penetrated the African Union's IT networks to siphon off data prompted many to think "uh oh, here we go again," and recalling similar accusations back in 2018. In 2018, 

French-Chinese Business Cooperation in Africa

Last month the China-Africa Research Initiative (CARI) at Johns Hopkins University hosted a French-language webinar that explored Franco-Chinese business cooperation in Africa. The discussion was conducted in French but now CARI has released an English-language summary of the key highlights from the three ...

Kenyatta Aims to Diversify Infrastructure Finance and Development Away From Dependence on China

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta returned on Saturday from a four-day trip to France loaded with $165 million (Sh17.91 billion) of new concessional loans, grants, and various other financing agreements for health and infrastructure development initiatives. The president signed ...

Analysis from Cobus van Staden

China, Africa and the Internet, Again

The U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa recently discussed African elections and, not surprisingly, the conversation became about China. 

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“Unlocking the Black Box” of Chinese Development Aid: A View From France

Chinese overseas development aid and finance remains something of a mystery to many outside observers. The opacity of the Chinese system, combined with large language and cultural differences often lead international stakeholders to complain that it's difficult to distinguish between Chinese aid, concessional financing, and market-based lending/investments. ...

Finding New Ways to Finance African Infrastructure

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta looked like he had a great time in France last week. After all, the weather in Paris this time of year is absolutely lovely and this being his first trip out of the country since the COVID-19 outbreak, he was able to get ...

How the World’s Great Powers Are Exacerbating the Security Crisis in the Sahel

Russia-MENA analyst and Oxford University PhD candidate Samuel Ramani argues in a compelling new article in Foreign Policy that a combination of narrow political agendas, unilateral actions and a bias towards supporting authoritarian governments by France, the U.S., Russia and China are all contributing to ...

China Now the Top Destination for African Students, Says New Report

China is surging ahead of France, the United States and the United Kingdom to become the top destination for African students seeking to study abroad, according to new data from the Beijing-based consultancy Development Reimagined (DR). While Europe as ...

Do People Give the Chinese a Pass in Africa Because They Hate the French Even More, Wonders Right-Wing French Legislator

Julie Lechanteux, a conservative French MP in the European Union parliament and a member of Marine Le Pen's right-wing Rassemblement National party, channeled the growing unease across wide swathes of French society about the country's declining influence in Africa and the rise of China on ...
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